StyleBook configuration

Use API to delete custom StyleBooks

You can delete the custom StyleBook by providing the following StyleBooks REST API:

DELETE https://<MAS_IP>/stylebook/nitro/v2/config/stylebooks/<NAMESPACE>/<VERSION>/<NAME>?dependencies=true

If the dependencies query parameter in the URL is not provided or its value is set to false, the StyleBook dependencies are not deleted. And only the StyleBook is deleted.

When you receive an HTTP response status code of 200, that means the custom StyleBook and its dependencies are successfully removed from Citrix ADM.


You cannot delete a custom StyleBook that has other StyleBooks in MA Service that depend on it.

For example, assume that you had created a StyleBook named lb-virtual-ssl-extended in Citrix ADM. You later decided to delete that StyleBook.

Delete StyleBooks

You can run the API in any tool such as the cURL command line tool. Also, you can use the Postman chrome browser extension after modifying the IP address, name, version, and namespace fields.


Run API to delete StyleBook

The StyleBook gets deleted from Citrix ADM.

Check deleted StyleBooks

Use API to delete custom StyleBooks

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