StyleBook configuration

Use default StyleBooks

A set of default StyleBooks are provided along with Citrix ADM. When you use a default StyleBook, you have to specify values for the parameters in the StyleBook and select the IP addresses of the Citrix ADC instances where you want to run the configuration. After you submit the configuration, Citrix ADM validates the parameter values you have specified, creates a graph of the configuration, connects to the Citrix ADC instances, and runs the configuration on the instances.

To create a configuration from a default StyleBook

  1. Navigate to Applications > Configuration > StyleBooks. The StyleBooks page displays all StyleBooks in Citrix ADM. This list includes both default and custom StyleBooks. You can type the name of the StyleBook in the search field and press the Enter key. Else, you can scroll down the list to find the StyleBook.

    StyleBooks list

  2. Click Create Configuration. Specify the required values for the parameters.


    The configuration parameters and the values may differ based on the stylebook chosen.

    Create a configuration

  3. Under Target Instances, select the IP address of the Citrix ADC instance where you want to run the configuration. You can select multiple instances to run this configuration.

    Target instances


    You can also create a configuration pack without selecting the instances. You can then later update the configuration pack by selecting target instances on which you want to deploy the configuration. Similarly, you can remove all the target instances of a configuration pack without removing the configuration pack itself.

    Use case: You can create configuration packs for your applications, even if you are not able to access the instances.

    The following image displays such a configuration pack created without selecting a particular instance. Click Update Target Instances and then select target instances to deploy this configuration.

    Update target instances

If the Prompt Credentials for Instance Login option is enabled in Citrix Citrix ADM > System > Change System Settings > Modify System Settings, you are prompted for your Citrix ADC instance credentials when you run the configurations on the selected Citrix ADC instances. Else, Citrix ADM uses the instance credentials stored in the instance profile for logging into the instance.

Use case: You can create configuration packs for your applications, even if you are not able to access the instances.

Prompt credentials for instance login

Specify instance credentials

If you want to test or validate your configuration before running it on the Citrix ADC instance, select Dry Run and then click Create. If your configuration is valid, the objects that are created on the basis of the values you have provided are displayed.

Dry run the configuration pack

  1. Clear the Dry Run check box and click Create to create the configuration pack and run the configuration on the Citrix ADC instance. The StyleBook configuration (configuration pack) that you have created appears in the list of configurations, as shown below.


    You can also click the refresh icon to add recently discovered Citrix ADC instances in Citrix ADM to the available list of instances in this window.

    StyleBooks configuration pack

You can now examine, update, or remove this configuration (configuration pack) by using Citrix ADM.

Use default StyleBooks