StyleBook configuration


The analytics subsection of the operations section has a structure similar to the components section. Each element in the analytics section is used to configure the Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) Analytics feature for one or more virtual servers created by the StyleBook.

An element in the analytics section has the following attributes:

Attribute Description Mandatory
name Name of the analytics element. Yes
description A text string describing what this element is. No
condition A boolean expression. When this condition evaluates to false, the entire analytics element is skipped. No
repeat Iterates over a list. No
repeat-condition A boolean expression. If the expression evaluates to false, the current iteration is skipped. No
repeat-item Name of the item in the current iteration. No
repeat-index Name of the index value of the current iteration. No
properties The list of properties of analytics. Yes
target One of the properties in the list. The target expression is the name of a virtual server, configured on the Citrix ADC, for which analytics will be collected. Yes
filter One of the properties in the list. The value of this attribute is a Citrix ADC advanced policy expression that is used to filter the requests on the virtual server for which analytics will be collected. By default, the analytics data is collected on all the traffic passing through the virtual server. No





    name: lbvserver-ops-comp


    target: $components-basic-lb-comp.outputs.lbvserver-name

    filter: HTTP.REQ.URL.CONTAINS("catalog")

            type: webinsight

Each attribute in the analytics section is used to instruct the Citrix ADM Analytics feature to configure the Citrix ADC instances to collect AppFlow records on the virtual server identified by the target property.