Citrix Application Delivery Management

Citrix Application Delivery Management 13.0 is the latest release. This documentation reflects features and configurations in this release.

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Note about the Citrix unified product portfolio

You might notice new names in our products and in this product documentation. The new product and component names is a result of expansion of Citrix portfolio and cloud strategy. For more detail about the Citrix unified portfolio, see Citrix product guide.

Implementing this transition in our products and their documentation is an ongoing process.

  • In-product content and documentation might still contain former names. For example, you might see instances of earlier names in console text, messages, directory/file names, screenshots, and diagrams.

  • It is possible that some items (such as commands) might continue to retain their former names to prevent breaking existing customer scripts.

  • Related product documentation and other resources (such as videos and blog posts) that are linked from this product’s documentation might still contain former names.

Your patience during this transition is appreciated.

Citrix Application Delivery Management