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Enable data collection to monitor NetScaler ADCs deployed in transparent mode

When a NetScaler ADC is deployed in transparent mode the clients can access the servers directly, with no intervening virtual server. If a NetScaler appliance is deployed in transparent mode in a XenApp/XenDesktop environment, the ICA traffic is not transmitted over a VPN.

After you add the NetScaler ADC to the NetScaler MAS inventory, you must enable AppFlow for data collection. Enabling data collection depends on the device and the mode. In that case, you have to add NetScaler MAS as an AppFlow collector on each NetScaler appliance, and you must configure an Appflow policy to collect all or specific ICA traffic that flows through the appliance.


  • You cannot enable data collection on a NetScaler ADC deployed in transparent mode by using the NetScaler MAS configuration utility.
  • For detailed information about the commands and their usage, see Command Reference.
  • For information on policy expressions, see Policies and Expressions.

The following figure shows the network deployment of a NetScaler MAS when a NetScaler ADC is deployed in a transparent mode:

localized image

To configure data collection on a NetScaler appliance by using the command line interface:

At the command prompt, do the following:

  1. Log on to an appliance.

  2. Specify the ICA ports at which the NetScaler appliance listens for traffic.

    set ns param --icaPorts \<port\>...


    set ns param -icaPorts 2598 1494


    • You can specify up to 10 ports with this command.
    • The default port number is 2598. You can modify the port number as required.
  3. Add NetScaler Insight Center as an appflow collector on the NetScaler appliance.

    add appflow collector <name> -IPAddress <ip_addr>


    add appflow collector MyInsight -IPAddress

    Note: To view the appflow collectors configured on the NetScaler appliance, use the show appflow collector command.

  4. Create an appflow action and associate the collector with the action.

    add appflow action <name> -collectors <string> ...


    add appflow action act -collectors MyInsight
  5. Create an appflow policy to specify the rule for generating the traffic.

    add appflow policy <policyname> <rule> <action>


    add appflow policy pol true act
  6. Bind the appflow policy to a global bind point.

    bind appflow global <policyname> <priority> -type <type>


    bind appflow global pol 1 -type ICA_REQ_DEFAULT

    Note: The value of type should be ICA_REQ_OVERRIDE or ICA_REQ_DEFAULT in order to apply to ICA traffic.

  7. Set the value of the flowRecordInterval parameter for Appflow to 60 seconds.

    set appflow param -flowRecordInterval 60
  8. Save the configuration.

    save ns config

Enable data collection to monitor NetScaler ADCs deployed in transparent mode

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