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Enable analytics on virtual servers

You can enable analytics for a specific virtual server on the selected instance, representing an application server, and monitor the traffic of that application server. Analytics provide statistics for the virtual server.


For Citrix ADC instances of 11.0 release, 65.30 build and later, there is no option on Citrix ADM to enable Security Insight explicitly. Ensure that you configure the AppFlow parameters on the Citrix ADC instances, so that Citrix ADM starts recieving the Security Insight traffic along with the Web Insight traffic. For more information on how to set the AppFlow parameters on Citrix ADC instances, see To set the AppFlow parameters by using the configuration utility.

To enable Analytics on each instance on Citrix ADM:

  1. In a web browser, type the IP address of the Citrix Application Delivery Management (for example,

  2. In User Name and Password, enter the administrator credentials.

  3. Navigate to NetworksInstances, and select the Citrix ADC instance you want to enable analytics. For example, Citrix ADC.

  4. From the list of instances, select an instance.

  5. From Select Action drop-down, select Configure Analytics.

  6. In Application List, select the virtual servers and click Enable AppFlow.

  7. In the Enable AppFlow field, type true, and based on the analytics you want to enable, select Security Insight or Web Insight, or both.

    localized image

    • For HDX Insight and Gateway Insight, while clicking Enable AppFlow, you need select VPN virtual server configured on your Citrix ADC instance, and select ICA or HTTP check boxes accordingly.

    localized image

    • For TCP Insight, navigate to System > Analytics Settings > Configure Features, and select Enable TCP Insight.

    • For Video Insight, you need to make the configuration changes on the Citrix ADC Appliance. For more details on how to enable analytics for Video insight, see Video Insight.

    • For WAN Insight,

      1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Instances > NetScaler SD-WAN WO, and select the datacenter WAN optimization appliance.

      2. From the Action drop-down, select Enable Insight.

      3. Select the following parameters as required:

        • Geo data collection for HDX Insight: Shares client IP address with the Google Geo API.

        • AppFlow: Starts collecting data from WAN optimization instances.

          -  TCP and WANOpt: Provides TCP and WANOpt Insight reports.

          -  HDX: Provides HDX Insight reports.

          -  TCP only for HDX: Provides TCP only for HDX Insight reports.

You can select the AppFlow transportation mode to IPFIX or Logstream while enabling AppFlow on the discovered Citrix ADC instances in Citrix ADM.

To select the transportation mode from the Enable Insight window, select the transport mode to IPFIX or Logstream.

Feature Transport Mode = IPFIX Transport Mode = Logstream
Web Insight Yes Yes
Security Insight Yes Yes
Gateway Insight Yes Yes
HDX Insight Yes Yes
SSL Insight Yes Yes
CR Insight Yes Yes
IP Reputation Yes Yes
AppFirewall Yes Yes
Client Side Measurement Yes Yes
Syslog/Auditlog Yes Yes

You can also enable or disable the processing of the Web Insight traffic by using the Enable Web Insight option in Citrix ADM. If you do not want to monitor the Web Insight traffic, you can disable the option. Citrix ADM does not process the Web Insight traffic from the virtual servers on your managed instances. For more information, see Processing of the Web Insight traffic by Citrix ADM

Enable analytics on virtual servers

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