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Licenses for Citrix ADM License server in high availability

License files - ADM VIP licenses, CICO licenses, and pooled capacity licenses - issued to Citrix ADM server are bound to the host ID of the server to which they are issued and cannot be assigned to other servers. Citrix ADM servers that are configured as license servers and deployed in high availability need to have the same license files installed on both servers. Because of this limitation of the license files, Citrix ADM license servers could not be deployed in high availability mode.

Citrix ADM now allows you to assign the same license to both Citrix ADM license servers that are deployed in high availability.

Whenever a failover occurs, the secondary server now assumes the role of the primary server. The real host ID of the old primary server is configured as the virtual host ID of the new primary server. The license files recognizes that the host ID of the new primary server is same as that of the old primary server. The license files are now assigned to the new primary server as well.


While upgrading the ADM servers in high availability, the license files are automatically copied to both the servers.

Definitions used in the document

  • Real Host ID. This is the Host ID is generated from MAC Address of MAS server. MAS standalone server will have a unique Host ID generated for each deployment.

  • Virtual Host ID. This is the virtual Host ID used for ADM deployment in high availability. Real Host ID of ADM primary server in high availability is used as virtual Host ID. The virtual Host ID is auto generated in during HA deployment. This virtual Host ID is stored in ADM database in encrypted format and cannot be changed by the customer. Virtual Host ID will have preference over real Host ID.

Architecture of ADM servers in high availability

localized image

Workflow during Citrix ADM server deployment in high availability mode

Assume that Node1 is the current primary server and Node2 is the current secondary server The virtual Host ID of Node1 is synced with Node2.

  1. License files available in Node1 will be synced to Node2.

  2. Any new license files (node locked to virtual Hoss ID) also will be synced to Node2 periodically.

  3. ADM ensures that the License Server is running only on Node1 to avoid doubling of license capacity.

  4. Citrix ADC instances will check-out licenses from Node1 using floating IP address.

Licenses for Citrix ADM License server in high availability