Citrix Application Delivery Management

Configure system prune settings

To limit the amount of reporting data being stored in your Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) software’s database, you can prune it. You can specify the interval for which you want Citrix ADM to retain network reporting data, events, audit logs, and task logs. By default, this data is pruned every 24 hours (at 00.00 hours).


The value you specify cannot exceed 30 days or be less than 15 days.

To configure system prune settings for performance reports using Citrix ADM:

  1. Navigate to System > System Administration. Under Prune Settings, click System Prune Settings.
  2. In the Configure System Prune Settings page, specify the number of days for which to retain data, and click OK.

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You can enable automatic purging by selecting the  Enable Automatic Data Purge check box. An alarm is triggered when disk usage breaches the configured Data Purge Threshold Value.

You can configure and enable the diskUtilizationHigh alarm (by default) and specify the following:

  • Severity, such as, Critical.
  • Alarm Threshold. Type the value for which the event severity is calculated.
  • Time. Time length (in minutes) after which you want to trigger the alarm.

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Configure system prune settings

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