Citrix Application Delivery Management

Third-party licensing

After you add the hosts to Citrix Application Delivery Management (Citrix ADM), Citrix ADM automatically discovers the HAProxy instances provisioned on the hosts and adds them to Citrix ADM Inventory. It also discovers all the frontends, backends, and servers configured on the HAProxy instances and considers the frontends as discovered applications.

You can manage and monitor all the discovered applications but, by default, the HAProxy App Dashboard displays the application statistics for 30 discovered applications. For more information about HAProxy App Dashboard, see HAProxy App Dashboard. If you want to view the application statistics of more than 30 discovered applications, you need to purchase a separate license.

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Licenses for additional frontends are available in virtual server packs of 100. You can obtain a valid license and install the license by using the Citrix ADM GUI.

Installing the third-party licenses

You can install a license on Citrix ADM to view the application statistics of more than 30 discovered applications.

To install a license:

  1. In a web browser, type the IP address of the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (for example,

  2. In User Name and Password, enter the administrator credentials.

  3. Navigate to Networks > Licenses.

  4. In the License Files section, select one of the following options:

    • Upload license files from a local computer. If a license is already present on your local computer, click Browse and select the license file (.lic) that you want to use to allocate your licenses. Click Finish.

    • Use License Activation Code - Citrix emails the LAC for the license that you purchased. Enter the LAC in the text box and then click Get Licenses.


    If you select this option, the NetScaler Management and Analytics System must be connected to the Internet, or a proxy server must be available.

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    You can verify the licenses installed on your Citrix ADM by navigating to Networks > Licenses > Third Party Licenses.

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Managing the third-party licenses

The Citrix ADM randomly selects the discovered applications in the HAProxy instances and automatically licenses them. If you want to change the selected discovered applications, you need to manually unlicense the licensed discovered applications and then allocate the licenses to the discovered applications that you want to license.

To manage the third-party licenses:

  1. Navigate to Networks > Licenses > Third Party licenses and click Modify Third party licensed Virtual Servers. The dashboard displays the managed frontends.

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  2. Select the frontends from the list, Mark Unlicensed, and click Finish to free up the licenses.

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  3. After you free up the licenses, or if you already have licenses available, click Add HAProxy Frontends.

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  4. In the Choose HAProxy Frontend dialog box, select the unlicensed frontends from the list and click Select.

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  5. Click Finish Now.

Third-party licensing