Citrix Application Delivery Management

Use jobs to upgrade Citrix ADC instances

You can use Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) to upgrade one or more Citrix ADC instances. Before upgrading an instance, ensure you have uploaded the correct build and documentation files to the Citrix ADC instances. You must know the licensing framework and types of licenses before you upgrade an instance.

When you upgrade your Citrix ADC instance by creating a maintenance task, you can do the following:

  • Perform a pre-validation check on the instances that are being upgraded. The pre-validation check consists of the following checks:
    1. Check for any existing customizations on Citrix ADC instances and delete the customizations. You can reapply all the customizations after the upgrade process is completed.

    2. Check the disk usage of Citrix ADC instances. If the disk usage is more than 80%, clean up the disk space.

    3. Check for disk hardware issues of Citrix ADC instances.

  • Perform the Citrix ADC HA pair upgrade in two stages.

    1. Perform the upgrade task on a node immediately or you can even schedule that for later.

    2. Schedule the upgrade for the other node later. It must be scheduled after the initial node is upgraded.

When you upgrade a Citrix ADC HA pair, note the following:

  • Currently, the second node of the HA pair is upgraded first, and then, the upgrade for the first node is scheduled to be done later.

  • Synchronization and propagation of the nodes are disabled until both the nodes are upgraded successfully.

  • After the upgrade of both nodes, you will see an error message in execution history (that indicates that HA Sync is not enabled) if your nodes in the HA pair are on different builds or versions.

To create a maintenance task to upgrade your Citrix ADC instance:


ADC upgrade from higher version to lower version is not supported. For example, if your Citrix ADC instance is 13.0 82.x, you cannot downgrade the ADC instance to 13.0 79.x or any other earlier versions.

  1. Navigate to Networks > Configuration Jobs > Maintenance Jobs.

  2. In the Maintenance Jobs page, click Create Job.

  3. In the Create Maintenance Job page, select Upgrade Citrix ADC/ Upgrade Citrix ADC HA and click Proceed.

    localized image

  4. On one or more Upgrade Citrix ADC Appliance(s) page, in the Instance Selection tab, specify the Job Name and click Add Instances.

    localized image

  5. Select the target instances or instance groups that you want to upgrade.


    • To upgrade Citrix ADC instances in high availability mode, you have to select IP addresses of either the primary or secondary instances. However, always using the primary node for the upgrade is recommended.
    • To upgrade Citrix ADC instances in cluster mode, select the cluster IP address.
  6. After you have added the Citrix ADC instances or instance groups, click Nextto start the pre-upgrade validation on the selected instances. The screen reports the progress of pre-validation of each of the Citrix ADC instances.

  7. On the Upgrade Citrix ADC Appliance(s) page, select the Upgrade tab. From the Software Image menu, select either Local (your local machine) or Appliance (the build file must be present on Citrix ADM).

  8. You can also see if any instances have pre-validation upgrade errors. These errors are shown in the form of message. The messages show the errors related to disk space, hard disk drive, and user customization.

If you do not want to proceed with instances that have failed the pre-validation upgrade check, you can remove the instances. To remove the instances, select the instances and click Delete.

  1. Click Next.


    It is highly recommended to proceed the upgrade process, only if the pre-upgrade validation check passes for the Citrix ADC instances.

  2. On the Schedule Task tab, you can also set execution details where you can perform the upgrade process now or schedule it for a later date.

  3. You can enable email notification to receive the execution report of upgrading Citrix ADC instances. Click the Receive Execution Report Through Email checkbox to enable the email notification. To create an email distribution list:

    • Select the + icon to Create the Email Distribution List.

    • On the Create Email Distribution List page, specify a Name for the Email Distribution List. Add the SMTP mail server to use for sending email notifications to the Email Server. In the From box, add the Email address from which to send messages. In the To box, add Email address or addresses to which to send messages. You can also add an Email address or addresses to which to send message copies and copies without displaying these addresses in the messages or the copies. Click Create. After creating the email distribution list, click Finish to complete the configuring process.

  4. On the Schedule Task tab, you can also perform the two-stage upgrade for nodes in HA. You can either perform the upgrade immediately or schedule a time for the nodes to be updated one after another. Synchronization and propagation of the nodes are disabled until both the nodes are upgraded successfully.

    localized image

Use jobs to upgrade Citrix ADC instances