Citrix Application Delivery Management

Replicate running and saved configuration from one NetScaler instance to another

May 24, 2018

You can now replicate a NetScaler instance’s configuration on other instances. When you configure a job in Citrix ADM, select an instance as the Configuration Source and choose the selected instance’s running or saved configuration.

For example, when you select Running Configuration and click Extract, Citrix ADM sends a request to the selected NetScaler instance to locate the running configuration, and displays it as a template. You can drag and drop the template into the Commands field in the right-hand pane. You can modify commands, parameters, and the instances.

To replicate running and saved configuration commands of one instance to another instance on Citrix ADM:

  1. Navigate to Networks > Configuration Jobs, and click Create Job.

  2. Specify the job name and the type of instance. For example, specify NetScaler Running Config1 as your job’s name and the instance type as NetScaler.

  3. Select Instance as the Configuration Source, select the source instance whose configuration you want to replicate on other instances.

  4. You will see the following three options:

    • Running Configuration

    • Saved Configuration

    • Configuration by time duration

  5. Choose Running Configuration, and click Extract. The number of running configuration commands executed on that instance is displayed.

    localized image

  6. Drag and drop the commands in the Commands field in the right pane.

  7. You can edit the commands in the Commands field. For example, if the commands extracted are to set up a NetScaler instance. This may include adding partitions, setting up load balancing, binding the load balancing server to services, and so on. You may want to edit your commands, to set up your new NetScaler instances without partitions. So, to remove partitions, manually delete commands related to the creation of partitions and click Next.

  8. Click Add Instances and add the instances on which you want to apply the running configuration commands. Click OK and then, click Next.

  9. If you have specified variables in the commands, on the Specify Variable Values tab, click Download Input Key File. In the downloaded file, specify values for the variables, and then upload the file to Citrix ADM.

  10. On the Job Preview tab, you can evaluate and verify the commands to be run on each instance or instance group.

11. In the Execute tab, you can choose to execute your job now or schedule it to be executed at a later time. You can also choose what action Citrix ADM should take it the command fails and if you’d like to send an Email notification regarding the success or failure of the job along with other details.

Replicate running and saved configuration from one NetScaler instance to another