Citrix Application Delivery Management

Export syslog messages

You can now view syslog messages without logging into Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM), by scheduling an export of all syslog messages received on the server. You can export syslog messages that are generated on your Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) instances in PDF, CSV, PNG, and JPEG formats. You can schedule the export of these reports to specified email addresses at various intervals.


For more information about configuring a syslog server, the syslog data and time format, and how to view syslog messages on Citrix ADM, see View Auditing Information.

To view syslog messages, navigate to Networks > Events > Syslog Messages. In the right pane, under Syslog Viewer, you can filter the syslog messages you want to view by module, event type, severity, and source IP address. Click Apply to generate the syslog messages.

To export a syslog messages report by using Citrix ADM:

  1. Navigate to Networks > Events > Syslog Messages.

  2. In the right pane, click on the export button at the top right corner of the Syslog Messages page.

  3. Under the Export Now tab, select the required format, and then click Export.

    localized image

To schedule the export of syslog messages report by using Citrix ADM:

  1. Navigate to Networks > Events > Syslog Messages.

  2. On the Syslog Messages page, in the right pane, click on Export.

  3. Under the Schedule Report tab, set the following parameters:

    • Description: Message describing the reason for exporting the report.

    • Format: Format in which to export the  report.

    • Recurrence: Interval at which to export the  report.

    • Export Time: Time at which to export the report. Enter the time in a 24 hour format, for your local time zone.

    • Email Distribution List: List of recipients to receive the report by email. Choose an email distribution list from the drop-down list provided. An email is triggered when the report is generated and meets the scheduled time criteria.  If you want to create a new email distribution list, click + and provide mail server and mail profile details.

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How to Configure Events Prune Settings by Using Citrix ADM

To limit the amount of event messages data being stored in your Citrix ADM server’s database, you can specify the interval for which you want Citrix ADM to retain network reporting data, events, audit logs, and task logs. By default, this data is pruned every 24 hours (at 00.00 hours).

Navigate to System > System Administration. Under Instance Settings, click Events Prune Settings. Enter the time interval, in days, for which you want to retain data on the Citrix ADM server and click OK.

Export syslog messages