Citrix Application Delivery Management

Create thresholds and alerts

You can set thresholds and alerts to monitor the state of a Citrix ADC instance. You can set thresholds on counters and monitor instances and entities on managed instances.

When the value of a counter exceeds the threshold, Citrix ADM generates an event to signify a performance-related issue. When the counter value matches the clear value specified in the threshold, the event is cleared, which means that the particular threshold has returned to its normal state.

You can also associate an action with the threshold. Actions include sending an alert, email, or SMS notification. When the threshold is breached, Citrix ADM performs the action you define is taken automatically like enabling an alert and sending an email or SMS notification.

To create a threshold and alert using Citrix ADM

  1. Navigate to System > Analytics Settings > Thresholds. Under Thresholds, click Add.

  2. On the Create Thresholds and Alerts page, specify the following details:

    • Name – Name for configuring the threshold.

    • Traffic Type – Type of traffic for which you want to configure the threshold.

    • Entity – Category or resource type for which you want to configure the threshold.

    • Reference Key – Automatically generated value based on the selected traffic type and entity.

    • Duration - Interval for which you want to configure the threshold.

    • Community – Community string for each trap that is to be sent to the trap listener.

  3. Optionally, configure actions such as alerts, emails notifications, and SMS notifications.

  4. Click Create.

For HDX insight, you can also set multiple thresholds for which an alert is generated only if all the entities in the configured threshold are breached.

Create thresholds and alerts