How to add LDAP authentication servers

The LDAP protocol that is integrated in Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) along with RADIUS and TACACS authentication servers, allows the system to search for user credentials from the distributed directories and authenticate the users.

Configure an LDAP authentication server

  1. In Citrix ADM, navigate to System > Authentication > LDAP.

  2. On the LDAP page, click Add.

  3. On the Create LDAP Server page, set the parameters, and click Create to add the server to the list of LDAP authentication servers.

  4. The following parameters are mandatory to create the LDAP server:

    • Name – type the name of the LDAP server.

    • Server Name / IP Address – type the Server Name or the IP address of the LDAP server.

    • Security Type – select the type of communication required between the system and the LDAP server from the list. Apart from plaintext communication you can choose encrypted communication by selecting either Transport Layer Security (TLS) or SSL.

    • Port – by default, port 389 is used for LDAP authentication. You can specify a different port number, if necessary.

    • Server Type – select Active Directory (AD) or Novell Directory Service (NDS) as the type of LDAP server.

    • Time-out (seconds) – type the number of seconds. This is the time that the Citrix ADM system waits for a response from the LDAP server.

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You can provide more optional details while creating an LDAP server. You can also validate the LDAP certificate by checking the box and specifying the host name to be entered on the certificate. Some of the additional parameters you can add are Domain Nameserver (DN) details for queries against a directory service, default authentication group, group attributes, and other attributes.