Reschedule jobs configured by using built in templates

You can reschedule a job that you scheduled by using built-in templates in Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM). For example, you can change the action that Citrix ADM must take if a command fails. If you had previously opted to ignore an error and continue, you can change it to roll back all successful commands if a command fails.

To reschedule a job that was configured by using built-in templates in Citrix ADM

  1. In Citrix ADM, navigate to Networks > Configuration Jobs.

  2. Select the job you want to edit, add or remove instances, specify variable values, and then change execution actions and settings.

  3. Click Finish to reschedule the job.


You can also select the job and click Execute Again to run the job without modifying any source, instance, and commands. This is useful when you have to run the same set of commands on same instances. Sometimes, the job may encounter a transient error from the server side, and you may have to run the job again.