Detailed procedures to set up single tier or unified ingress topology

The prerequisites to deploy the single tier or unified ingress topology is available at Setting up service graph.

Add VPX or SDX or MPX or BLX instance in Citrix ADM

To get the tier-1 ADC instance analytics in service graph, you must add the VPX/SDX/MPX/BLX instance in Citrix ADM and enable Web Insight.

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Instances > Citrix ADC

  2. Click the Add option to add the instance. For more information, see Add instances in Citrix ADM

  3. After adding the instance, select the virtual server and enable Web Insight. For more information, see Manage licensing and enable analytics on virtual servers

Add Kubernetes cluster in Citrix ADM

To add the Kubernetes cluster:

  1. Log on to Citrix ADM with administrator credentials.

  2. Navigate to Orchestration > Kubernetes > Cluster. The Clusters page is displayed.

  3. Click Add.

  4. In the Add Cluster page, specify the following parameters:

    1. Name - Specify a name of your choice.

    2. API Server URL - You can get the API Server URL details from the Kubernetes Master node.

      1. On the Kubernetes master node, run the command kubectl cluster-info.

        API Server URL

      2. Enter the URL that displays for “Kubernetes master is running at.”

    3. Authentication Token - Specify the authentication token. The authentication token is required to validate access for communication between Kubernetes cluster and Citrix ADM. To generate an authentication token:

      On the Kubernetes master node:

      1. Create a service account by using the YAML.

        kubectl create -f adm_svc_account.yaml

        The service account is created.

      2. Run kubectl create clusterrolebinding citrixadm-sa-admin --clusterrole=cluster-admin --serviceaccount=default:citrixadm-sa to bind the cluster role to service account.

        The service account now has the cluster-wide access.

        A token is automatically generated while creating the service account.

      3. Run kubectl describe sa citrixadm-sa to view the token.

      4. To get the secret string, run kubectl describe secret <token-name>.

        Generate token

    4. Select the agent from the list.


      Ensure to select the same agent that you have added in the CPX YAML.

    5. Click Create.

      add cluster

Detailed procedures to set up single tier or unified ingress topology