Citrix Application Delivery Management

View service details

In service graph, hover the mouse pointer on a service and click on a service to view the following options:

Service details options

The View Details option enables you to view:

  • The cluster name where the service is hosted (1)

  • The namespace and service labels of the service (2) (4)

  • All associated incoming and outgoing services connected with the selected service (3)

    Service details

  • Service key metrics in a graph format such as Hits, Service response time, HTTP errors, Data Volume, SSL frontend errors, SSL backend errors, TCP frontend errors, and TCP backend errors

Using these key metrics trends, you can analyze how the service is performing for a specific time duration.

For example, consider that a service indicates Service Response Time > 700 ms for all requests. As an administrator, you can:

  • Analyze the Service Response Time metric trend for a specific duration

  • Troubleshoot the issue

  • Check the Service Response Time metric again to analyze if the response time has improved

View metrics details

The following service key metrics for the selected time duration are displayed.

Metrics Description Example
Hits The total number of requests received by the service Hits
Errors The total HTTP errors from the service Errors
Service Response Time The average response time taken from the service to respond for Time To First Byte (TTFB). Service response time
Data Volume The total data volume processed by the service Data volume
SSL frontend errors The total SSL frontend errors from the service. For example: SSL CLIENTAUTH FAILURE SSL
SSL backend errors The total SSL backend errors from the service. For example: SSL Client Errors SSL backend
TCP backend errors The total TCP backend errors from the service. For example: TCP Server Reset TCP
TCP frontend errors The total TCP frontend errors from the service. For example: TCP Client Reset TCP frontend

For each metric, you can view the total value and the difference value for the selected time duration. For Service Response Time, you can view the average value and the difference value. The difference value is calculated as the first value minus the last value of the selected time duration.

The following image is an example for Service Response Time and the selected time duration is 1 week.

Metrics difference

The value 127 ms is the average response time for the 1-week duration and the value 4.1 s is the difference value. In the graph, the first value is 4.2 seconds and the last value is 86 ms. The difference value is 4.2 – 0.086 = 4.1 s

View service details