Citrix Application Delivery Management

Upgrade Advisory (Preview)

As a network administrator, you might manage many ADC instances running on different ADC builds in Citrix ADM. Monitoring the lifecycle of each ADC instance can be a cumbersome task. You must visit Citrix Product Matrix, identify the ADC instances that are reaching or have reached the End of Life (EOL) or End of Maintenance (EOM). Then, plan their upgrade.

Citrix ADM on-premises Upgrade Advisory performs a version scan on the ADCs and provides a view of the EOM/EOL builds across your ADC instances.


For detailed insights, and the workflow to upgrade the ADC instances, try Citrix ADM Service.

View upgrade advisory

Navigate to Infrastructure > Instance Advisory > Upgrade Advisory and view the following information:

  • Total count of ADC instances.
  • Instances reaching the end of life.
  • Instances reaching the end of maintenance.

Upgrade Advisory page

The Upgrade Advisory page groups the ADC instances by their releases.

Citrix ADM on-premises upgrade advisory also allows you to select one of the ADC instances, and onboard the ADC instance to ADM Service. Click Try ADM Service and onboard the ADC instance to ADM Service. ADM Service Upgrade Advisory provides you the workflow to upgrade by selected ADC instance.

For more information on the ADM Service Upgrade Advisory, view the gif animation on the Upgrade advisory page.

Upgrade Advisory (Preview)