Citrix Application Delivery Management

Configure an ADM server only as the pooled license server

As an administrator, you can configure an ADM server only as the pooled license server. With this configuration, the ADM server only receives licensing data from ADC instances.

Sometimes, you might have the regulatory mandate that requires restricting ADC instances’ data from leaving the regulatory zone. In such situations, you can deploy a local instance of an ADM on-prem server in your regulatory zone to use management, monitoring, and analytics capabilities. When you follow the same approach to use the pooled licenses feature, you have to split pooled licenses across various ADM license servers. This approach does not provide you the flexibility to allocate pooled licenses across your globally deployed ADC instances.

Therefore, configure the ADM server only as the pooled license server. The ADM server receives only licensing data from all ADC instances. So, you can adhere to the regulatory mandate and dynamically allocate pooled capacity licenses across globally deployed ADC instances.

This document explains how to configure an ADM server only as the pooled license server.

How to configure an ADM server only as the pooled license server

Before you begin, ensure no ADC instances are added to an ADM server. Add the ADC instances only after you complete step 4.

Do the following to configure an ADM server only for the pooled license server:

  1. Navigate to System > Administration.

  2. In the System Configurations section, select System Deployment.

  3. In ADM Deployment, select ADM only as a pooled licensing server.

    Citrix ADM only as license server

  4. Click OK.

    This action retains only the pooled licensing feature and disables the following ADM features:

    • ADM backup
    • Event management
    • SSL certificate management
    • Network reporting
    • Network functions
    • Configuration audit


    By default, the ADM analytics feature is disabled. Make sure to disable this feature if you have enabled it.

    In the confirmation box, click Yes.

    The ADM GUI now displays only the pooled licensing feature. And, the remaining features do not appear.

    ADM features of global license server only

  5. After you configure ADM only for the licensing feature, add ADC instances in the Networks > Instances page.


  • You can add an ADC instance in one or more ADM servers. When you change the password of such ADC instances, ensure to update the password on all ADM servers where the instance is discovered.

  • A user can still do some operations of the disabled features in the ADM GUI. For example, event polling and ADC backup. As a super administrator, If you want to restrict such operations, disable user accesses for other administrators using an appropriate access policy. For more information, see Configure Access Policies on Citrix ADM.

Configure an ADM server only as the pooled license server