Citrix Application Delivery Management

Release Notes for Citrix ADM 13.1-24.38 Release

This release notes document describes the enhancements and changes, fixed and known issues that exist for the Citrix ADM release Build 13.1-24.38.


This release notes document does not include security related fixes. For a list of security related fixes and advisories, see the Citrix security bulletin.

What’s New

The enhancements and changes that are available in Build 13.1-24.38.

Management and Monitoring

Retain filters in app dashboard

In Applications > Dashboard, when you apply filters through the search bar and key metrics, the filters are now retained. You can view the same filters even if:

  • You return to Applications > Dashboard from a different navigation within the ADM GUI.

  • You close the browser and open a new session from the same browser.


The filters are not retained if you open a new session from a different browser or in an incognito mode.


Configure ADM agent unreachable threshold and notification

In Infrastructure > Instances > Agents > Settings, you can now configure threshold and get notified if the Citrix ADM agent is unreachable for a specific duration.

ADM Agent threshold notification

[NSADM-80415, NSADM-76845]

Support for ECDSA algorithm in SSL dashboard

When you configure an enterprise policy in SSL dashboard > Settings > Enterprise Policy, you can now select ECDSA in the Recommended Signature Algorithm.

For more information, see ECDSA cipher suites support.


Fixed Issues

The issues that are addressed in Build 13.1-24.38.


  • When you select a user to drill-down for more information in Gateway > HDX Insight > Users, the Session Type under Current Sessions displays -1 instead of Application or Desktop.


  • Citrix ADM consumes more memory while processing the analytics data.


Management and Monitoring

  • If the same domain name is bound to the ADC partition with IPv4 and IPv6, an error message is displayed when you click Poll Now in Infrastructure > Network Functions > GSLB > Virtual Severs. With this fix, Citrix ADM associates domain names with vserver name to avoid duplicate entries.


  • In Infrastructure > Instances > Citrix ADC, when you change an admin profile password and include % in the password, an error message is displayed.


  • In Infrastructure > Pooled Licensing, when you try to download a license file under License Files during an inactive session, the ADM server stops to respond.


  • When the Citrix ADC SDX appliance sends the SNMP traps for the License Grace period, they do not appear on Citrix ADM.


  • While upgrading to ADM 13.1 17.42, the process stopped and displayed an error message because of the split-brain scenario.


  • In SSL dashboard, the used certificate list also displays the SSL certificates with CRL Distributed Points (CDP) that are not bound to any virtual servers.

    With this fix, the SSL dashboard displays only the certificates that are bound to the virtual servers.


  • Sometimes, the Syslog Messages page in Infrastructure > Events > Syslog Messages does not display the data and shows an error message.


  • In Settings > Notifications > ServiceNow, when you click the ServiceNow tickets, the details are not visible in the ADM GUI.


  • The configuration jobs are getting executed continuously to all managed ADC instances through the Citrix ADM on-prem agent.


  • When you transfer a copy of the backup file of a Citrix ADC SDX instance to another system, it fails. This issue is fixed.


  • When you initiate the ADM upgrade task within 5 minutes after you restart or force a failover of ADM, the upgrade fails.


  • In Infrastructure > Instances > Citrix ADC, when you try to provision Citrix ADC VPX on cloud, the CICO licensing file was not displayed.

    With this fix, the CICO license file is supported.


User Interface

In Citrix ADM Certificate Store, when you update an existing certificate, an error message Cert_Store_ID cannot be empty appears.


Known Issues

The issues that exist in release 13.1-24.38.


When multiple SNMP users are created simultaneously using a script, the SNMP requests to ADM fail.


Create the SNMP users manually.


Management and Monitoring

  • In Gateway > HDX Insight, the data is not displayed because of the database corruption.


  • In ADM HA pair, the database status observed to be in Down status and not synchronizing even after trying with Sync Database option in the GUI for several times.


  • Citrix ADM console displays an error message if a Second NIC is configured.


  • ADM HA primary IP does not respond to SNMP GET requests.


  • When you enable analytics on a virtual server, some required information might be lost between ADC and ADM. As a result, the transaction data becomes invalid and is unavailable on the ADM reports.


Release Notes for Citrix ADM 13.1-24.38 Release