Citrix Application Delivery Management

Release Notes for Citrix ADM 13.1-9.60 Release

This release notes document describes the enhancements and changes, fixed and known issues that exist for the Citrix ADM release Build 13.1-9.60.


This release notes document does not include security related fixes. For a list of security related fixes and advisories, see the Citrix security bulletin.

What’s New

The enhancements and changes that are available in Build 13.1-9.60.

Management and Monitoring

View users’ trend of Gateway virtual servers

Under Infrastructure > Network Reporting (Citrix Gateway Virtual Servers), in the ADM GUI, now you can view the following trends:

  • Total count of user sessions established.
  • Total count of users connected.


Changes in ADM user interface

To improve the user experience of Citrix ADM, several enhancements are added to the ADM user interface. These enhancements automate and simplify the process of onboarding ADC instances to ADM. Also, the new simpler and intuitive interface makes it easier to navigate. Heres a summary of the GUI changes:

ADM landing page: If you’ve skipped onboarding the ADC instances in the Getting Started workflow while setting up ADM service for the first time, you can onboard the instances from the ADM GUI dashboard. If ADC instances are not yet added, the GUI prompts you to add the instances. Navigation menu - new and updated modules:

The left-hand navigation menu has been reorganized and regrouped. The new modules in the menu are Security, Gateway, and Infrastructure. Some of the old modules, Networks, Analytics, and Orchestration, are now merged into the new modules. If ADC instances are not yet added, when you click any module on the left-hand navigation bar, on the right-hand side a tabular preview of the features and benefits of that module appears.



Name change for security insight and bot insight

When you enable analytics for a virtual server, you can now view the following name change for security insight and bot insight:

  • WAF Security Violations
  • Bot Security Violations


WAF and Bot analytics support only for premium license virtual servers

You can now enable WAF Security Violations and Bot Security Violations, and view WAF/Bot analytics only for the premium licensed virtual servers. For the standard and advanced licensed virtual servers, these options are disabled.



Specify parameter conditions in a StyleBook definition

In a StyleBook definition, parameters define the input that StyleBook users provide to create a configuration pack. Earlier, each parameter was independent of other parameters.

Sometimes, you might want to modify the parameters behavior like the following:

  • Show some parameters to a user only if a condition is met.
  • The allowed values of one parameter to depend on another parameter.
  • Set a parameter as mandatory only under certain conditions.

In these cases, use the parameters-conditions section to define parameter conditions. A parameter condition has the following attributes:

  • ‘target’: Specify the parameter to which you want to apply a condition.
  • ‘action’: Specify what actions to take if the target parameter matches the condition. This feature supports many actions.
  • ‘condition’: Specify a condition that has to be met.

For example, in your StyleBook, you want to show a certificates parameter only if the protocol parameter was set to SSL. You can specify a parameter condition where the target is the certificate parameter. Then, the condition is on the protocol parameter with the action show. This condition ensures that no configuration packs are created without certificate files.

 target: $parameters.certificates
 action: set-required
 condition: $ == `SSL`


Currently, the parameter conditions cannot be applied for the parameters within list objects.


Fixed Issues

The issues that are addressed in Build 13.1-9.60.


The global service graph displaying all managed instances of the on-premises ADM results in high memory usage.


In ADM 13.0 76.29, the Slow Loris and Slow Post violations are not displayed under the Networks tab in Analytics > Security > Security Violations.


When you enable HDX Insight, the mas_afdecoder process stops responding and fails generating HDX analytics.


Management and Monitoring

After an ADM agent’s failover, if it has insufficient ADC instances, Citrix ADM rebalances the ADC instances on the agent. During this process, SNMP and Appflw on the ADC instance is configured with the previous agent’s IP address instead of the current agent’s IP address.


ADM agent displays an error message Invalid PEM key: Incorrect password, when you upload a password-protected certificate.


If a user does not have view access, when you rename a virtual server on the ADC instance, the ADM GUI displays the old server name for the user.


ADM agent doesn’t honor the proxy settings in the following cases:

  • The proxy server is used between the agent and the ADM Service. So, ADC backup fails.
  • The proxy server password is missing in the agent. So, the proxy server configuration fails.


In some ADM deployments, the status of the disaster recovery database appears blank.



In the 13.0-76.x and 13.0-79.x versions, the sync\_adm\ script fails. As a result, data doesn’t synchronize between disaster recovery and primary site.



In Web Insight, the scheduled export option is temporarily disabled because the report appears blank.


Known Issues

The issues that exist in release 13.1-9.60.


The mas_afdecoder process fails because of memory corruption. With this fix, Citrix ADM checks the mas_afdecoder process to avoid memory corruption and reduces the debugged logs.


Management and Monitoring

Sometimes, configuration audit does not work for ADC partitions as expected.



When you enable analytics on a virtual server, some required information might be lost between ADC and ADM. As a result, the transaction data becomes invalid and unavailable on the ADM reports.



When you create a member on OpenStack Lbaas using ADM orchestration, the member creation fails on OpenStack intermittently. This issue happens when a proxy request from ADM to orchestration services times out after 30 seconds. With this fix, the request timeout for orchestration APIs has increased to 120 seconds.


If you are using OpenStack Queens for the LBaas workflow, the Load Balancing virtual server is not bound to a Content Switching virtual server. This issue impacts the traffic.


  1. Create a pool with Load Balancing virtual server.
  2. Create a listener with the pool ID. If you already have a listener, update the listener with the pool ID.


Release Notes for Citrix ADM 13.1-9.60 Release