Release Notes for Citrix ADM 13.0-79.64 Release

This release notes document describes the enhancements and changes,fixed and known issues that exist for the Citrix ADM release Build 13.0-79.64.


  • This release notes document does not include security related fixes. For a list of security related fixes and advisories, see the Citrix security bulletin.

What's New

The enhancements and changes that are available in Build 13.0-79.64.

Management and Monitoring

  • On the ADM GUI, under Networks > Instances, the instance state for ADC VPX,MPX,BLX and CPX shows "Out of Service" when the following conditions are met:
    1) The password of the ADC instance is changed using the CLI.
    2) ADC password doesnt match with the instance admin profile password stored in ADM.
    3) The previous session is lost after you restart the ADM for the first time after password change.
    With this fix, whenever the instance goes out of service due to authentication failure, the instance state color changes to grey. To recover the instance, do the following:
    1) From the CLI, modify the password of the instance to match the password in the admin profile of the instance. Then rediscover the instance from the management service or the Citrix ADM GUI.
    2)Create an admin profile with the same password as the current password of the ADC instance. Then, update the ADC instance with the new admin profile.

    [ NSADM-68692 ]


  • Improvements to service graph

    In the Microservices service graph, as an administrator, you can now analyze:

    • The number of hits between the services based on the edge width. The greater or more the edge width, indicates the number of hits is higher.
    • The reasons for the services in review or critical status.
      • Service with a warning icon indicates that the service has errors.
      • Service with a stopwatch icon indicates that the service has latency or response time issues.
      • Service with both warning and stopwatch icons indicate the service has both errors and latency or response time issues.


    If a service has no warning or stopwatch icon, it indicates that the service has anomalies or threshold breach for Hits.

    [ NSADM-65798 ]
  • Improvements to global service graph

    In Applications > Service Graph > Global, you can now view:

    • The microservices based on the cluster name.
      Note: You can view microservices only for three clusters.
    • The enhanced view of the discrete virtual servers and custom apps.
    [ NSADM-65523 ]


  • IPAM displays the resources of an allocated IP address

    You can now view more details about allocated IP addresses from an IPAM network:

    • Module: Displays the ADM module that reserves the IP address. For example, if the IP address is reserved by StyleBooks, this column displays StyleBooks as the module.
    • Resource Type: Displays the resource type in that module. For the StyleBooks module, only the configurations resource type uses the IPAM network.
    • Resource ID: Displays the resource ID with a link. Click this link to access the resource that uses the IP address. For the configuration resource type, the resource ID is displayed as the configuration pack ID.
    [ NSADM-62751 ]
  • An advanced option for importing configuration packs

    In StyleBooks > Configurations, the Import Configuration option now includes an advanced option. This option is useful when you import a configuration pack that already has the configuration objects on the ADC instance.

    For example, lets assume that the same ADC instance is added on two ADM on-premises servers. And, one of the ADM servers has deployed a configuration pack on that ADC instance. If you want to migrate that configuration pack to another on-premises server (or to ADM service), first export the pack to your local computer. Then, use the advanced option on the ADM server to where you want to import the configuration pack. ADM imports the pack without redeploying the configuration objects on the ADC instance.

    [ NSADM-62743 ]

Fixed Issues

The issues that are addressed in Build 13.0-79.64.


  • ADM reports a low score for an ADC instance because of its expected behavior resulting in frequent NIC discards.

    With this fix, ADM skips the issues related to NIC discards for the score calculation.

    [ NSHELP-23668 ]

Management and Monitoring

  • In Citrix ADM, the Citrix ADC backup files transfer through external windows SFTP server is not working as expected.

    [ NSHELP-27128 ]
  • In ADM, the script doesn't run as expected.

    [ NSHELP-26778 ]
  • The ADM server backup process fails. This issue occurs when the backup file contains a large sized build image.

    [ NSHELP-26617 ]
  • ADM intermittently stops receiving events from ADC instances. As a result, the ADM GUI cannot display event logs of ADC instances.

    [ NSHELP-26599 ]
  • Citrix ADM downloads irrelevant build images and causes an increased disk usage.

    [ NSHELP-26189 ]
  • For SSL certificates, the ADM GUI displays the issuer type as "Not Recommended" even if the certificates are configured in SSL Dashboard settings.

    [ NSHELP-26123 ]
  • ADM fails to register or update without a DNS server, when a proxy server is enabled and the agent fails to get its IP address.

    [ NSHELP-25835 ]


  • In Citrix ADM, the Authentication, authorization, and auditing daemon process restarts if user authentication fails.

    [ NSHELP-27170 ]
  • In ADM 13.0-76.x, the /mps/ script does not run as expected.

    [ NSHELP-26786 ]
  • In Infrastructure Analytics, the UI term "Packet dropped" for SSL violation counters (PE CPU Limit, PPS Limit, Throughput Limit, SSL Throughput Limit, SSL TPS Limit) is now changed to "rate limit breaches".

    [ NSADM-69007 ]
  • While upgrading an ADM deployed as a microservice, the event microservice does not work properly.

    [ NSADM-68746 ]

Known Issues

The issues that exist in release 13.0-79.64.

Management and Monitoring

  • ADM does not communicate with ADC BLX instances through SSH, and some ADC features such as Config Audit and Config Jobs might not work with BLX.

    [ NSADM-68985 ]
  • When you try to license more than 30 virtual servers on an on-premises ADM deployed as a microservice, using SDK, ADM does not display NITRO exceptions.

    [ NSADM-67833 ]
  • The ADM GUI displays the removed cluster node if the following conditions are met:

    • The cluster node is removed manually.
    • The cluster is rediscovered in ADM.

    Workaround:Remove the whole cluster in ADM and add it again.

    [ NSADM-61445 ]


  • When you create a member on OpenStack Lbaas using ADM orchestration, the member creation fails on OpenStack intermittently. This issue happens when a proxy request from ADM to orchestration services times out after 30 seconds.

    With this fix, the request timeout for orchestration APIs has increased to 120 seconds.

    [ NSHELP-21490 ]
  • If you are using OpenStack Queens for LBaas workflow, the Load Balancing virtual server is not bound to Content Switching virtual server. This issue impacts the traffic.
    1. Create a pool with Load Balancing virtual server.
    2. Create a listener with the pool ID.
    If you already have a listener, update the listener with the pool ID.

    [ NSADM-36631 ]