Release Notes for Citrix ADM 13.0-83.27 Release

This release notes document describes the enhancements and changes, fixed and known issues that exist for the Citrix ADM release Build 13.0-83.27.


  • This release notes document does not include security related fixes. For a list of security related fixes and advisories, see the Citrix security bulletin.

Fixed Issues

The issues that are addressed in Build 13.0-83.27.


  • The global service graph displaying all managed instances of the on-premises ADM results in high memory usage.

    [ NSHELP-28044 ]
  • In ADM 31.0 76.29, the Slow Loris and Slow Post violations are not displayed under Networks tab in Analytics > Security > Security Violations.

    [ NSHELP-27616 ]
  • Web Insight data does not populate properly if the application name contains a space.

    [ NSHELP-27178 ]
  • The ADM analytics reporting data retained for the configured data persistence duration.

    [ NSHELP-26208 ]

Management and Monitoring

  • If a user does not have view access, when you rename a virtual server on the ADC instance, the ADM GUI displays the old server name to the user.

    [ NSHELP-28849 ]
  • While backing up an ADC instance that has been upgraded and is running on an SDX instance, ADM backs up the upgraded ADC image even if the same XVA image is already present in ADM.

    [ NSHELP-28303 ]
  • In some ADM deployments, the status of disaster recovery database appears blank.

    [ NSHELP-28025 ]
  • If ADC instances are registered on ADM, processing events for change of service states can cause high memory usage on ADM.

    [ NSHELP-27933 ]
  • ADM incorrectly displays the configuration audit of ADC instances for monthly data.

    [ NSHELP-27595 ]
  • In the SDX Management Service GUI, if a non-nsroot user with custom user credentials try to add ADM as a licensing server, the Not Authorized error appears.

    [ NSHELP-27327 ]
  • ADC sends incorrect values for the failure objects if the virtual server name is too long. With this fix, the following SNMP traps change the service name of a virtual server to service full name:

    • svcGrpMemberSynfloodRate
    • svcGrpMemberRequestRate
    • svcGrpMemberRxBytesRate
    • svcGrpMemberMaxClients
    [ NSADM-75809 ]
  • When you try to license more than 30 virtual servers on an on-premises ADM deployed as a microservice, using SDK, ADM does not display NITRO exceptions.

    [ NSADM-67833 ]


  • In Application Dashboard, the application details page displays current day's data as next day's data. This issue occurs when you select an interval greater than one day. And, it is observed only under App score and Issue sections.

    [ NSADM-73507 ]

User Interface

  • When you export a license usage report, the tabular data is not exported correctly.

    [ NSHELP-28423 ]
  • The configuration template does not display the command line numbers if they are more than two digits. With this fix, it supports up to six digits.

    [ NSHELP-28330 ]
  • In Networks > Configuration Jobs, when you hover on the renamed configuration template, it displays the old name. With this fix, you can add a description to the template. Now, this description appears when you hover on the template.

    [ NSHELP-28078 ]

Known Issues

The issues that exist in release 13.0-83.27.


  • When you enable HDX Insight, the mas_afdecoder process stops responding and fails generating HDX analytics.

    [ NSHELP-26754 ]

Management and Monitoring

  • When you upgrade an ADC instance by using ADM maintenance jobs, after the instance restarts, under the Citrix ADC instance page, the upgraded ADC image version does not appear. The GUI still shows the old image version.

    [ NSADM-60824 ]


  • When you enable analytics on a virtual server, some required information might be lost between ADC and ADM. As a result, the transaction data becomes invalid and unavailable on the ADM reports.

    [ NSHELP-26545 ]


  • When you create a member on OpenStack Lbaas using ADM orchestration, the member creation fails on OpenStack intermittently. This issue happens when a proxy request from ADM to orchestration services times out after 30 seconds.

    With this fix, the request timeout for orchestration APIs has increased to 120 seconds.

    [ NSHELP-21490 ]
  • If you are using OpenStack Queens for LBaas workflow, the Load Balancing virtual server is not bound to Content Switching virtual server. This issue impacts the traffic.
    1. Create a pool with Load Balancing virtual server.
    2. Create a listener with the pool ID.
    If you already have a listener, update the listener with the pool ID.

    [ NSADM-36631 ]