Set up the Endpoint Management service

To set up Endpoint Management service for US Government, you first request a service trial. You then configure Endpoint Management service, Citrix Gateway, and workspaces. Each of those steps is summarized in this article.

For a comparison of features in the commercial and government offerings, see Endpoint Management service for US Government.

Request a service trial

If you don’t have a subscription to the Endpoint Management service, you can request a trial. Service trials last for 60 days and have all the same functionality as the production service. See Request a service trial.

Configure the Endpoint Management service

To configure the Endpoint Management service, complete the following tasks:

Configure Citrix Gateway

Endpoint Management requires Citrix Gateway for the following scenarios.

  • You require a micro VPN for access to internal network resources for line of business apps. Those apps are wrapped with Citrix MDX technology. The micro VPN needs Citrix Gateway to connect to internal back-end infrastructures.
  • You plan to use Endpoint Management to manage apps (MAM or MDM+MAM).

For information about using Citrix Gateway service or on-premises Citrix Gateway, see Configure Citrix Gateway.

Configure workspaces

After you set up the Endpoint Management service, configure workspaces. Workspaces provide your users access to the apps and desktops that you make available to them. For information, see Set up workspaces for users.

Get information about other features

To learn about using other features in the Endpoint Management service, see the articles under Endpoint Management. For example:

Set up the Endpoint Management service