Citrix Cloud: A cloud-based control plane that is owned by Citrix and can be used by customers to provision services in their own data centers or into clouds.

Citrix Cloud Connector: Provides communication between the resources in the resource location and the Citrix Cloud. For more details about how the Cloud Connector works and requirements for setting it up, see Citrix Cloud Connector.

Cloud service: Cloud services provide the features that deliver the services subscribers need to perform their work. This includes creating and managing any infrastructure resources that might be needed.

Library: Contains the applications, desktops, or data that make up the offerings made available to subscribers. Administrators use the Library to create and manage their offerings and grant access to subscribers. For more information, see Assign users and groups to service offerings using Library.

Offerings (provided by the customer for subscribers): Applications, desktops, or data in the Library that a Citrix Cloud administrator assigns to subscribers. Offerings can be created through a Citrix Cloud service, like the Virtual Apps and Desktops service. Subscribers can access only the applications, desktops, and data to which they are assigned.

Resource location: Defines the place that contains the resources you use with Citrix Cloud services. Resource locations can reside in a public or private cloud or in your on-premises data center. There is no limit to the number of resource locations you can create. The resources within a resource location are all within a defined communication or network boundary, where access is available to them from Citrix Cloud and to any other customer infrastructure required to operate. Connection to Citrix Cloud occurs through the Citrix Cloud Connector. For more information, see Resource locations.

Resources: The components that are used to provide the infrastructure for the Citrix Cloud services that you use. Resources include hypervisors, servers, network appliances, VDAs for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, and so on. These components typically reside in resource locations in Citrix Cloud. For more information, see Resource locations.

Subscriber: A person who uses the Library offerings to which they are assigned by a Citrix Cloud administrator. A subscriber can access their offerings using Citrix Receiver or a workspace available as part of the Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials service.

Workspace: Consists of offerings that subscribers can access. Workspaces are available as part of the Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials service. For more information about using workspaces, see Workspace configuration.