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XenMobile Service

Jan. 19, 2017

With the Citrix Cloud XenMobile Service, you can securely deploy mobile apps to mobile users. For information about XenMobile Service, see XenMobile Service under the XenMobile documentation.

This article will help you request a XenMobile Service trial. 

Requesting your XenMobile Service trial

Sign in to Citrix Cloud and then, in the XenMobile Service badge, click Request Trial

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The button will change to Trial Requested.  You will receive an email to notify you when your trial becomes available. 

Once you are authorized to access the trial, the button changes to Manage. For more information, see XenMobile Service.

Accessing the XenMobile Service console

You can access the XenMobile Service console in the following ways:

  • Click Manage in the XenMobile Service badge.
  • Select XenMobile Service from the top-left menu.

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Creating XenMobile delivery groups

Delivery groups, which create in the XenMobile console, specify who will have access to which groups of apps, desktops, policies, and services.

When you create a delivery group, specify that the user assignments are managed in Citrix Cloud. As a result, the delivery group assignment is managed through the Cloud Library. 

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You cannot delete delivery groups that are assigned to users or Active Directory groups from the XenMobile console.  You must first delete the groups from the Cloud Library. 

For instructions on creating XenMobile delivery groups, see Deploy resources

For information about managing apps and devices in the XenMobile console, see Getting started workflows.

Enrolling devices

Once you've set up and assigned delivery groups, you can begin enrolling devices.  For instructions, see User accounts, roles, and enrollment.

XenMobile Service administration

The XenMobile Service is fully configured once you create delivery groups and assign users to the delivery groups through the Cloud Library. From this point on, XenMobile administration takes place within Citrix Cloud. The combined interface makes it easy to switch back and forth between Citrix Cloud and the XenMobile Service.

By default, all Citrix Cloud administrators also are created as XenMobile administrators. You can always change a role by accessing the XenMobile console from the Citrix Cloud dashboard. For more information, see To add, edit, or delete local user accounts, but keep in mind that you can change only a user’s role and membership. You cannot change user names or passwords, nor delete or edit local users, from the XenMobile console. You must make those changes within Citrix Cloud.

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Service Level Goal

The XenMobile Service (the Service) design uses industry best practices to achieve cloud scale and a high degree of service availability.

The Citrix goal is to maintain at least 99.9% availability in any 30 calendar day period. You can monitor service interruptions and scheduled maintenance on an ongoing basis at    

The calculation of this Service Level Goal will not include loss of availability from the following causes:

  • Customer failure to follow configuration requirements for the service documented on
  • Caused by any component not managed by Citrix including, but not limited to, customer controlled physical and virtual machines, customer installed and maintained operating systems, customer installed and controlled networking equipment or other hardware; customer defined and controlled security settings, group policies and other configuration policies; public cloud provider failures, Internet Service Provider failures or other external to Citrix’s control.
  • Service disruption due to reasons beyond Citrix’s control, including natural disaster, war or acts of terrorism, government action.

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