Citrix Files for iOS


Citrix Files for iOS helps you exchange files easily, securely and professionally.

Designed for business, Citrix Files for iOS is a file manager that offers secure data sharing and storage, customizable usage and settings, award-winning customer service, and tools that allow you to collaborate more easily and get your work done from any iOS device — any time, anywhere.

What’s new

What’s new in 7.9

The Polaris Office SDK has been updated to the latest version.

What’s new in 7.8

The MDX Toolkit SDK and Polaris Office SDK have been updated to the latest version.

Fixed issues

Fixed issues in 7.9

  • PDFs uploaded to Citrix Files might display with a black screen. [SFIOS-5420]
  • Attempts to save an audio file might fail when double-tapping Done quickly. [SFIOS-5421]
  • Opening PDF files might cause Citrix Files for iOS to exit unexpectedly. [SFIOS-5433]
  • The display might not restore to normal size after viewing a document in full screen on the iPhone XR. [SFIOS-5437]
  • Files edited in offline mode might not upload correctly once back online. [SFIOS-5451]
  • PDFs using the Gotham font might not display correctly. [SFIOS-6238]
  • Videos might not play on devices running iOS 12.2. [SFIOS-6252]

Fixed issues in 7.8

  • Users are unable to log on using the “Log in with my company credentials” option. [SFIOS-5396]
  • When using two-factor authentication, Citrix Files for iOS keeps requesting to log on. [SFIOS-5417]
  • When attempting to access a personal cloud connector that has been unlinked, Citrix Files for iOS exits unexpectedly. [SFIOS-5422]

Known issues

Known issues in 7.9

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 7.8

No new issues have been observed in this release.

System requirements

OS requirements

iOS 10 or later