Android Enterprise app restriction policy

The Android Enterprise app restriction policy controls a variety of app configuration options and app restrictions. The options available for an app and the tooltips are defined by the app developer. If a tooltip mentions using a “templated value”, use the corresponding Endpoint Management macro instead. For more information, see Remote configuration overview (on the Android developer site) and Macros.

The app configuration settings can include items such as:

  • App email settings
  • Whitelist or blacklist URLs for a web browser
  • Option to control app content sync through a cellular connection or only by a WiFi connection

For information about the settings that appear for your apps, contact the app developer.


To add or configure this policy, go to Configure > Device Policies. For more information, see Device policies.

Android Enterprise settings

After you choose to add an Android Enterprise app restriction policy, a prompt to select an app appears. If there are no Android Enterprise apps added to Endpoint Management, you cannot proceed.

After you select an app, then configure the policy settings. The settings are specific to each app.

Image of Device Policies configuration screen

Android Enterprise app restriction policy