App Data Protection [Technical Preview]

App Data Protection is a feature that provides enhanced security when using the Citrix Enterprise Browser.

When you are using the Citrix Enterprise Browser enabled with the App Data Protection feature, it protects the following by encrypting them:

  • Auto-fill data
  • Bookmarks
  • Browser cache
  • Browser storage folders


    Browser storage folders don’t include user downloads.

  • Cookies
  • History
  • Network cache
  • Password vault
  • Settings


You can only access the encrypted data by opening it using the Citrix Enterprise Browser.

App Data Protection doesn’t protect the following:

  • Downloaded files
  • Extensions

To configure the App Data Protection feature, see Configure App Data Protection.


Browser encryption policies provide device level encryption for data generated through . Please note however that we do not guarantee such device level encryption through will protect any end user device. While we continue to identify and address changes to encryption technology to better optimize our product, we also do not guarantee protection of specific configurations and deployments or for users with elevated privileges.


  • If the App Data Protection feature isn’t enabled in the primary store, App Data Protection won’t be enabled in any store. As a workaround, you can limit users to add only one store to your Citrix Workspace app. This ensures that App Data Protection remains enabled for the connected store at all times.
  • When App Data Protection is disabled on GACS, the encrypted items (as listed in the preceding section) are deleted.
App Data Protection [Technical Preview]

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