Gateway Connector dashboard

The Gateway Connector dashboard provides key metrics such as CPU usage (packet and management), in-use memory, and TCP connection details.

Gateway connector dashboard

You can perform the following from the Gateway Connector dashboard.

Restart the connector

Click Restart to restart the connector from the user interface. You can either do a warm reboot or a complete restart of the Gateway Connector.

Re-register the connector with Citrix Cloud

Click Retry activation code if you want to install the already registered connector in a different resource location. You must enter the activation code that was provided when you downloaded the Gateway Connector.

Download support logs

Click Download Logs to download the support logs from the Gateway Connector. The Download Logs link is available even during the first time use to help setup the connector.

1. Click Download Logs.

A log file is generated. Generation of log file takes some time. Once the log file if generated, a message with the link to download file appears.

2. Click Download. A .tgz file is downloaded.

All files in the download folder are in an encrypted format. You must reach out to Citrix Cloud support team for help.

Important: Download logs option is available in Gateway Connector from version 401.251. If you are on an earlier version of connector and you upgrade the connector to version 401.251, you still cannot download the logs even though the Download Logs link is available.