Configure Zendesk

To configure Zendesk for single sign-on through SAML, perform the following:

  1. In a browser, type https://<customer> and press ENTER.
  2. Log on to your Zendesk account as an administrator.
  3. On the Support page, in the left pane, click the Admin icon.
  4. In Settings, click Security.

    Security settings

  5. In the Security area, to enable single sign-on for administrators and agents, in the Admin & Agents section, click Single sign-on (SSO).

    Single sign-on

  6. To enable single sign-on for end users, in the End-users section, click Single sign-on (SSO).

    Select SAML

  7. Select the SAML check box.

  8. Copy the SAML SSO login URL from the Citrix Cloud wizard (Citrix Gateway Service > Add a Web/SaaSApp > Single sign on > Login URL).

  9. In Certificate fingerprint, paste the certificate fingerprint.

    Note: You can download the X509 certificate from the Citrix Cloud wizard (Citrix Gateway Service > Add a Web/SaaS App > Single sign on > Certificate).

  10. If you want the users to redirect to a specific site after logging out, in the Remote logout URL box, enter the specific URL. For example:

    Single sign-on

  11. Type the IP ranges if necessary.

    IP range

  12. Clear the JSON Web Token check box.

    Enable JSON web token

  13. If you don’t want the agents and administrators to enter passwords, select Disabled.

    disable password

  14. Click Save.
Configure Zendesk