Release Notes

The Citrix SSO release notes describe the new features, enhancements to existing features, fixed issues, and known issues available in a service release. The release notes includes one or more of the following sections:

What’s new: The new features and enhancements available in the current release.

Fixed issues: The issues that are fixed in the current release.

Known issues: The issues that exist in the current release and their workarounds, wherever applicable.

Release Notes for 2.2.9 version of Citrix SSO Android client release

What’s new

  • Push Notification support

    Citrix Gateway sends Push notification on your registered mobile device for a simplified two-factor authentication experience.


Fixed issues

  • Non-URL characters are allowed in server field under Add Connection screen.


Release Notes for 1.1.10 version of Citrix SSO iOS client release

What’s new

  • iOS integrated Google Analytics to capture events and feature metrics

    Citrix SSO anonymously collects custom analytics events related to VPN usage in the app.


  • Include user agreement link in the about section of the app

    Users can view Citrix End User Service Agreements (EUSA) link in the about section of the app.


Known issues

  • Tunneling is not supported for FQDN addresses that contain a “.local” domain in Per-App VPN or On-Demand VPN configurations.

    There is currently a bug in Apple’s Network Extension framework which stops FQDN addresses containing “.local” in the domain part from being tunneled over the system’s TUN interface.

    Workaround: Customers need to assign a “non .local” domain name.

    [Bug ID 45415907] – This is an Apple bug.

Release Notes for 1.1.10 version of Citrix SSO macOS client release

Fixed issues

  • Citrix SSO app doesn’t display proper error message upon reaching the when the maximum number of users.


  • EULA checkbox is not unchecked by default.


  • Add functionality is not supported for antiphishing “enabled” scan in EndPoint Analysis.


  • Automatic selection of client/device certificate for authentication does not happen even if only one client/device is present in the keychain.


  • Unable to add a ‘connection record’ after editing one in Citrix SSO app.