Citrix Gateway

Install the system

When you receive your Citrix Gateway appliance, you unpack the appliance and prepare the site and rack. After you determine that the location where you install your appliance meets the environmental standards and the server rack is in place according to the instructions, you install the hardware. After you mount the appliance, you connect it to the network, to a power source, and to the console terminal that you use for initial configuration. After you turn on the appliance, you perform the initial configuration, and assign management and network IP addresses. Be sure to observe the cautions and warnings listed with the installation instructions.

When installing a Citrix ADC VPX virtual appliance, you must first acquire the virtual appliance image and install it on a hypervisor or other virtual machine monitor.

Citrix recommends using the Citrix Gateway Pre-Installation Checklist topic so you can make a note of your settings before attempting to configure a Citrix Gateway appliance. The checklist includes information about installing Citrix Gateway and an appliance.

Install the system

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