Citrix Gateway

To create virtual servers

You can add, modify, enable or disable, and remove virtual servers by using the Citrix Gateway GUI or the Quick Configuration wizard. For more information about configuring a virtual server with the Quick Configuration wizard, see Configuring Settings with the Quick Configuration Wizard.

To create a virtual server by using the GUI

  1. On the Configuration tab, Navigate to Citrix Gateway > Virtual Servers.
  2. In the details pane, click Add.
  3. Configure the settings as per your requirement.
  4. Click Create and then click Close.

To create a virtual server by using the CLI

At the command prompt, type;

add vpn vserver <name> <serviceType> [<IPAddress> [<port>]


add vpn vserver gatewayserver SSL 443

Points to note when binding a net profile to the VPN virtual server

You can create net profiles (network profiles) to configure the appliance to use a specified source IP address and bind the net profile to the VPN virtual server. However, note the following when binding a net profile to the VPN virtual server.

  • When you bind a net profile to a Citrix Gateway virtual server, the net profile does not select a specific SNIP to be used by the virtual server or service for the traffic to back-end servers. Instead, the gateway appliance ignores the net profile binding and uses the round robin method for selecting the SNIPs.

  • Net profile does not work for dynamically generated services (STA, SF monitor). For STA and other dynamically generated services, you can bind the net profile to those monitors directly and those monitors are used at that point. However, if you have multiple gateways on the same appliance, all gateways use the same net profile for the configured monitors.

For more details about net profile, see Use a specified source IP for back-end communication.

To create virtual servers