Citrix Gateway

Clearing the Citrix Gateway Configuration

You can clear the configuration settings on Citrix Gateway. You can choose from among the following three levels of settings to clear:

Important: Citrix recommends saving your configuration before you clear the Citrix Gateway configuration settings.

  • Basic. Clears all settings on the appliance except for the system IP address, default gateway, mapped IP addresses, subnet IP addresses, DNS settings, network settings, high availability settings, administrative password, and feature and mode settings.
  • Extended. Clears all settings except for the system IP address, mapped IP addresses, subnet IP addresses, DNS settings, and high availability definitions.
  • Full. Restores the configuration to the original factory settings, excluding the system IP (NSIP) address and default route, which are required to maintain network connectivity to the appliance.

When you clear all or part of the configuration, the feature settings are set to the factory default settings.

When you clear the configuration, files that are stored on Citrix Gateway, such as certificates and licenses, are not removed. The file ns.conf is not altered. If you want to save the configuration before clearing the configuration, save the configuration to your computer first. If you save the configuration, you can restore the ns.conf file on Citrix Gateway. After you restore the file to the appliance and restart Citrix Gateway, any configuration settings in ns.conf are restored.

Modifications to configuration files, such as rc.conf, are not reverted.

If you have a high availability pair, both Citrix Gateway appliances are modified identically. For example, if you clear the basic configuration on one appliance, the changes are propagated to the second appliance.

To clear Citrix Gateway configuration settings

  1. In the configuration utility, on the Configuration tab, in the navigation pane, expand System and then click Diagnostics.
  2. In the details pane, under Maintenance, click Clear configuration.
  3. In Configuration Level, select the level you want to clear and then click Run.
Clearing the Citrix Gateway Configuration