Citrix Gateway

Configuring Citrix Virtual Desktops for SmartAccess

Citrix Gateway enables Citrix Virtual Desktops to deliver secure desktops to remote users. Citrix Virtual Desktops can use the SmartAccess capabilities of Citrix Gateway to intelligently deliver desktops. When you use the Delivery Services Console in Citrix Virtual Desktops to create desktop groups, you then configure policies and filters for access control.

To configure Citrix Gateway to deliver published desktops, you use the same options that are available with the Web Interface, ICA proxy access, clientless access, and Citrix Gateway access.

When you create a session policy and configure settings on the Published Applications tab, use the web address for the Citrix Virtual Desktops Web Interface site. After you create the policy, bind it to a virtual server. Then, create a null session profile in which you do not configure settings. The Web Interface configuration is inherited from global settings.

Configuring Citrix Virtual Desktops for SmartAccess

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