Populate RDP URLs based on LDAP attribute

You can configure a Citrix Gateway appliance to retrieve a list of RDP servers (IP/FQDN) from an LDAP server attribute. Based on the retrieved list, the appliance displays the RDP URLs for the servers to be accessed by a particular user.

Configure Populate RDP URLs based on LDAP attribute feature

To populate RDP URLs based on LDAP attribute by using the command line interface, at the command prompt, type:

    add rdpclientprofile <Name> –rdpUrlLinkAttribute <string>

    add rdpclientprofile clientProfileName –rdpUrlLinkAttribute rdpServerAttribute

In the above example, rdpServerAttribute corresponds to rdp server details for a given user on LDAP server.

Note: To fetch the LDAP attribute details from the LDAP server, the LDAP action should be configured with the same string that is configured with pUrlLinkAttribute as follows.

    add authentication ldapAction dnpg_ldap -serverIP <IP address>-ldapBase <"domain name"> -ldapBindDn <username> -ldapLoginName sAMAccountName -ldapbindDnpassword <password>

add authentication ldapAction dnpg_ldap -serverIP -ldapBase "dc=dnpg-blr,dc=com" -ldapBindDn sqladmin@dnpg-blr.com -ldapLoginName sAMAccountName -ldapbindDnpassword xxxx

    add authentication ldapPolicy dnpg_ldap_pol ns_true dnpg_ldap

bind vpn vs vserver<name> -pol dnpg_ldap_pol

set ldapaction dnpg_ldap -attributes "rdpServerAttribute"

set rdpclientprofile ldap -rdpLinkAttribute rdpServerAttribute

On the LDAP server, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to a particular User.
  2. In AD users and computers, click View, and click Detail.
  3. Right click user name and click Attribute Editor.
  4. Change the required attribute value and click OK. For example to change the displayName provide a name for the same in the editor.

To populate RDP URLs based on LDAP attribute by using GUI:

  1. Navigate to Citrix Gateway > Policies > RDP.
  2. On the RDP Profiles and Connections page, click the Client Profiles tab and select the client profile where you want to configure RDP filename.
  3. On the Configure RDP Client Profile page, enter a name for the rdp profile in the RDP File Name field. A maximum of 31 characters are allowed for the name.

Populate RDP URLs based on LDAP attribute