Citrix Gateway

Configuring Security Preauthentication Expressions for User Devices

Citrix Gateway provides various endpoint security checks during user logon or at other configured times during a session that help in improving security. Only the user devices that pass these security checks are allowed to establish an Citrix Gateway session.

The following are the types of security checks on user devices that you can configure on Citrix Gateway:

  • Antispam
  • Antivirus
  • File policies
  • Internet security
  • Operating system
  • Personal firewall
  • Process policies
  • Registry policies
  • Service policies

If a security check fails on the user device, no new connections are made until a subsequent check passes (in the case of checks that are at regular intervals); however, traffic flowing through existing connections continues to tunnel through Citrix Gateway.

You can use the configuration utility to configure preauthentication policies or security expressions within session policies that are designed to carry out security checks on user devices.

Configuring Security Preauthentication Expressions for User Devices

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