Citrix Gateway

How User Connections Work with the Citrix Gateway plug-in

Citrix Gateway operates as follows:

  • When users attempt to access network resources across the VPN tunnel, the Citrix Gateway plug-in encrypts all network traffic destined for the organization’s internal network and forwards the packets to Citrix Gateway.
  • Citrix Gateway terminates the SSL tunnel, accepts any incoming traffic destined for the private network, and forwards the traffic to the private network. Citrix Gateway sends traffic back to the remote computer over a secure tunnel.

When users type the web address, they receive a logon page where they enter their credentials and log on. If the credentials are correct, Citrix Gateway finishes the handshake with the user device.

If the user is behind a proxy server, the user can specify the proxy server and authentication credentials. For more information, see Enabling Proxy Support for User Connections.

The Citrix Gateway plug-in is installed on the user device. After the first connection, if users log on by using a Windows-based computer, they can use the icon in the notification area to establish the connection.

How User Connections Work with the Citrix Gateway plug-in