Citrix Gateway

Decoupling the Citrix Receiver Icon

When a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployment is configured with the Citrix Gateway plug-in integrated with Citrix Receiver, the plug-in’s icon is not visible to a user who is connected to the VPN. The Citrix Gateway plug-in icon normally resides in the Windows system tray or the Mac OS X Finder’s menu bar. This icon is the interface into the plug-in’s settings and controls. For Windows users, when Citrix Receiver and the Citrix Gateway plug-in are integrated, the About dialog in Citrix Receiver displays the controls for the Citrix Gateway plug-in. For Mac OS X users, there are no controls for the Citrix Gateway plug-in available after integration.

Some integrated deployments might present a need to expose the plug-in controls while retaining the integration of the underlying functionality. To do so, use the following CLI command or Citrix ADC configuration utility task to toggle the icon integration for VPN clients.

Setting icon integration using the command line

Use the following command:

set vpn parameter [-iconWithReceiver (ON/OFF)]

Setting icon integration using the configuration utility

Using the Citrix ADC configuration utility:

  1. On the Configuration tab, navigate to Citrix Gateway > Global Settings.

  2. Click Change Global Settings, and then select the Client Experience tab.

  3. Click Advanced Settings

  4. Select Show VPN plug-in icon with Receiver.

Decoupling the Citrix Receiver Icon