Deploying Citrix Gateway plug-ins for user access

Citrix Gateway comes with the following plug-ins for user access:

  • Citrix Gateway plug-in for Windows
  • Citrix Gateway plug-in for Mac
  • Citrix Gateway plug-in for Java

When users log on to Citrix Gateway for the first time, they download and install the Citrix Gateway plug-in from a webpage. Users log on by clicking the Citrix Gateway icon in the notification area on a Windows-based computer. On a macOS X computer, users can log on from the Dock or the Applications menu. If you upgrade Citrix Gateway to a new software version, the Citrix Gateway plug-in updates automatically on the user device.

The Citrix Gateway plug-in for Java can be used on any user device that supports Java. The Citrix Gateway plug-in for Java supports most TCP-based applications, but provides only some of the features of the Citrix Gateway plug-in for Windows or Citrix Gateway plug-in for macOS X. The Citrix Gateway plug-in for Java provides limited access to the network resources you define. For more information about the Java plug-in, see Connecting with the Citrix Gateway plug-in for Java.

Deploying the Citrix Gateway plug-in by using the MSI installer package

You can deploy the Citrix Gateway plug-in by using a Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure or a standard third-party MSI deployment tool, such as Windows Server Update Services. If you use a tool that supports Windows Installer packages, you can deploy the packages with any tool that supports MSI files. Then, you use your deployment tool to deploy and install the software on the appropriate user devices.

Advantages of using a centralized deployment tool

  • Ability to adhere to security requirements. For example, you can install user software without enabling software installation privileges for non-administrative users.
  • Control over software versions. You can deploy an updated version of the software to all users simultaneously.
  • Scalability. A centralized deployment strategy easily scales to support additional users.
  • Positive user experience. You can deploy, test, and troubleshoot installation-related issues without involving users in this process.

Citrix recommends this option when administrative control over the installation of user software is preferred and access to user devices is readily available.

For more information, see Deploying the Citrix Gateway plug-in from Active Directory.

Determining which software plug-in to deploy

If your Citrix Gateway deployment does not require any software plug-in on user devices, your deployment is considered to provide clientless access. In this scenario, users need only a Web browser to access network resources. However, certain features require the plug-in software on the user’s device.