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Integrate Citrix Gateway with StoreFront

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops wizard is used to integrate StoreFront with Citrix Gateway. The integration facilitates access to hosted virtual desktops (XenDesktop) and hosted Windows virtual apps (XenApp) through Citrix Gateway.

For Citrix Gateway integration with StoreFront, the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops wizard workflow is now enhanced with the following capabilities.

  • Retrieval of the Stores configured on the supported StoreFront: The Stores configured on supported StoreFront can be retrieved with a click. This retrieval method helps avoid manual intervention therefore avoiding human errors (typos).
  • Export support for StoreFront configuration file: The StoreFront configuration files can be exported at Citrix Gateway. The StoreFront configuration file can then be downloaded and eventually imported on a supported StoreFront server. Once the file is imported, StoreFront completes the NetScaler integration.
  • StoreFront as an authentication server: Authentication is simplified by introducing an advanced authentication action to use StoreFront as an Authentication Server for authentication services.

Note: The authentication server can be used for non-Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments as well.

How to configure Citrix Gateway to use with StoreFront


You must have the following information to integrate NetScaler with StoreFront:

  • IP address of the Citrix Gateway virtual server
  • Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of StoreFront server
  • A server certificate for the Citrix Gateway
  • Authentication server details

Also ensure the following:

  • Firewall port between Citrix Gateway and StoreFront is open
  • StoreFront has LAN access

To Integrate StoreFront with Citrix Gateway using Citrix Gateway GUI:

  1. Click the Configuration tab.
  2. In Integrate with Citrix Products, click XenApp and XenDesktop.
  3. Click Get Started.
  4. Select StoreFront and Click Continue.
  5. Enter the values for the following fields in the Citrix Gateway area and click Continue.

    • Gateway FQDN – FQDN of Citrix Gateway
    • Gateway IP Address – IP address of Citrix Gateway
    • Port – Port of Citrix Gateway
  6. Import the following files in the Server Certificate area and click Continue. Certificate File - Server certificate for the Citrix Gateway.

  7. Provide the following information in the StoreFront area and click Continue.

    • StoreFront URL – URL of StoreFront server
    • Receiver for Web Path - Path to Receiver for website already configured on the StoreFront
    • Default Active Directory Domain - Single sign-on domain to be used for single sign-on applications in the internal network
    • Secure Ticket Authority URL – The Secure Ticket Authority URL, typically present on the delivery controller.

      Note: Upon choosing “Retrieve Stores” Citrix Gateway contacts StoreFront and returns all the Stores information which is configured on StoreFront. You can then select preferred Store from the drop-down menu. “Retrieve Stores” option works for the latest StoreFront server only.

  8. With the new Authentication settings, a user can create an Authentication Policy or you can use an existing Authentication policy.

    To create a Domain Based Authentication Policy, enter the values for the following fields in and click Continue.

  9. Choose Authentication Type - Select Domain from the drop-down menu

  10. Select Add new server or Use existing server based on your requirement

    • IP Address – IP address for the Domain server  
    • Port – Port of the Domain server
    • Base DN -  The base DN under which the users are located
    • Service Account - The account used to query Active Directory
    • Password -  The password required to log on to the Domain server
    • Time out - The time duration for which the Domain directory is looked up
    • Server Logon Name Attribute - The name attribute used by the NetScaler appliance to query the external Domain server or an Active Directory.

    You can optionally click Test Connection to ensure that the server is reachable and valid credentials are provided.

    Note:To use an existing Authentication policy, select the required Authentication Type from the Choose Authentication Type list and provide the information as listed previously.

  11. On the Citrix Gateway Settings page, Click Done.

  12. Click Download file.

Following are the configuration steps required at the StoreFront GUI:

  1. Copy the file to StoreFront.
  2. Click Stores.
  3. Select Manage Citrix Gateways and click the Imported from file link in the Manage Citrix Gateways window.
  4. Under Select File area in the Import NetScaler Configuration window, click Next.
  5. Under Select Logon Type area, optionally provide a Callback URL for StoreFront to contact Citrix Gateway and click Next.
  6. Under Secure Ticket Authorities click Next.
  7. Under Review changes click Next.
  8. Click Finish.
Integrate Citrix Gateway with StoreFront