Citrix Gateway

Microsoft Intune Integration

The integration of Microsoft Intune with Citrix Gateway provides best-of-class application access and data protection solution offered by Citrix Gateway and Intune.

You get the most complete suite of secure productivity apps, including email, calendar, contacts, note-taking, document editing, and remote access—all which can be centrally managed across different platforms. Intune and Citrix Gateway integration provides world-class mobile device management (MDM) functionalities, while the Citrix Gateway client side technology empowers these Intune enlightened applications to access corporate data and application securely through the Citrix Gateway.

The integration allows Citrix Gateway to pull compliance data from Intune, enabling conditional access policies. The conditional access policies give Citrix Gateway a finer control on regulating the access based on device functionalities and so on. For example, an administrator can create a policy wherein only the devices with “Camera” disabled are granted access.

Citrix Gateway supports Azure Active Directory Libraries (ADAL) token authentication once the Citrix Gateway virtual server is configured. Upon configuration, a mobile application wrapped with the Citrix Network-Only wrapper or SDK accesses Citrix Gateway by using an ADAL token that the app can fetch directly from AAD.

Citrix micro VPN integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Citrix Gateway customers can use micro VPN with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune). Citrix micro VPN integration with Microsoft Endpoint Management enables your apps to access on-premises resources.

Citrix micro VPN technology provides an on-demand VPN that reduces data transfer costs and simplifies security, as the VPN tunnel isn’t always active. Instead, it’s only active when needed, which reduces risk and optimizes the performance of the device for a better user experience. This also helps improve mobile battery life. The micro VPN technology from Citrix provides mobile users with secure access to internal business resources while providing them with the best user experience.

Micro VPN is supported only for following use cases:

  • Intune mobile application management (MAM) only
  • Intune mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM)


  • Micro VPN requires a Citrix Gateway Advanced or Premium edition (VPX 3000 or higher) for SSL VPN functionality.

For details about setting up Citrix micro VPN integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, see Set up Citrix Gateway for using micro VPN with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Microsoft Intune Integration