Citrix Gateway

Upgrade Citrix ADC appliance with Citrix Gateway customization

This topic provides information on upgrading your Citrix ADC appliance when Citrix Gateway has customization in place.


  • Disable high availability synchronization and high availability propagation on both the nodes.
  • Take a backup of the /nsconfig and /netscaler/ns_gui folders.

Steps to upgrade Citrix ADC with Citrix Gateway customization in place

  1. Change the UITHEME to default and save the configuration. At the command prompt, type;

    set vpn parameter -UITHEME Default
    save c
  2. Using WinSCP, delete the folder ns_gui_custom folder (path: /root/var/ns_gui_custom).

    Note: Deleting the folder might break the existing symbolic link between /root/netscaler/ns_gui folder and /var/netscaler/gui folder. This can be verified by opening the folder /netscaler/ns_gui from WinSCP. If there is an error, then perform the following:

  3. Change the directory to /root/netscaler.
  4. Right-click the folder ns_gui and click Edit Link.
  5. Edit the path to /var/netscaler/gui and click OK (even if the path is already /var/netscaler/gui).
  6. Make sure that the rc.netscaler file does not have any copy commands (path: /root/nsconfig/rc.netscaler). Note: You can even rename the rc.netscaler file and then restart the appliance.
  7. Import the new firmware file ( from the local machine to the Citrix ADC appliance (path: /root/var/nsinstall/
  8. Upgrade the Citrix ADC appliance using the SSH client.


    #cd /var/nsinstall


    #tar –xvzf


  9. After the installation, the Citrix ADC appliance prompts for a restart. Restart the appliance. The Citrix ADC appliance boots into the upgraded version of the Citrix ADC appliance ( with no customization applied.
  10. Using WinSCP, navigate to /root/netscaler/ns_gui.
  11. Replace the VPN folder with the customized VPN folder located on your local machine.
  12. Access the external URL to confirm if the custom files are applied.
  13. Run the following commands to make sure that the custom theme persists after the restart:
    >#cd /var/
    >#mkdir ns_gui_custom
    >#cd /netscaler/
    >#tar -cvzf /var/ns_gui_custom/customtheme.tar.gz ns_gui/*
    >set vpn parameter –uitheme custom
    >save c
  1. Restart the Citrix ADC appliance.

Upgrade Citrix ADC appliance with Citrix Gateway customization