Release Notes

Note: Citrix SSO app will not be supported for iOS 11.x and lower versions after June 2020.

The Citrix SSO release notes describe the new features, enhancements to existing features, fixed issues, and known issues available in a service release. The release notes include one or more of the following sections:

What’s new: The new features and enhancements available in the current release.

Fixed issues: The issues that are fixed in the current release.

Known issues: The issues that exist in the current release and their workarounds, wherever applicable.


What’s new

  • nFactor authentication is now supported for all customers using Citrix SSO app.


Fixed issues

  • Citrix SSO app for iOS crashes if per app-VPN tunnel feature is enabled.

    [CGOP-13133 - iOS]

  • The Accept Connection dialog box displays content in English language irrespective of the language selected.

    [CGOP-13050 - macOS]

  • The text “Home Page” in the Citrix SSO app > Home page is truncated for some languages.

    [CGOP-13049 - macOS]

  • Citrix SSO app does not connect to Citrix Gateway if the device’s language is set to “Simplified Chinese”.

    [CGOP-12919 - macOS]


Fixed issues

  • Sometimes, Citrix SSO might fall back to classic authentication even if nFactor authentication is configured.


  • Citrix SSO might crashes on iOS devices when per-app VPN is configured.

    [CGOP-10702 - iOS]

Known issues

  • VPN is sometimes frozen after macOS wakes from sleep.

    [NSHELP-20656 - macOS]


Known issues

  • VPN is sometimes frozen after macOS wakes from sleep.

    [NSHELP-20656 - macOS]


Known issues

  • VPN is sometimes frozen after macOS wakes from sleep.

    [NSHELP-20656 - macOS]


Known issues

  • Sometimes, VPN session does not respond after the Mac device wakes up from sleep mode.

    [NSHELP-20656 - macOS]


What’s new

  • Citrix SSO URL scheme – Citrix SSO now registers a URL scheme so that other applications can determine if Citrix SSO is installed on an iOS device. The URL scheme is “citrixsso.”

    [CGOP-11979 - iOS]

Fixed issues

  • Citrix SSO app crashes when sending heavy UDP traffic.

    [CGOP-11603 - macOS]

  • Citrix SSO for iPad crashes when the app is started from a notification on iOS 13.

    [NSHELP-21087 - iOS]


Fixed issues

  • In some GSLB deployments, Citrix SSO resolves the gateway name multiple times resulting in connection failures.


  • Citrix SSO for iOS fails to scan OTPSecret greater than 16 bytes.

    [CGOP-11978 - iOS]

  • Users with profiles configured for certificate only authentication and a NAC check are prompted to enter the logon credentials and are unable to create the VPN connections.

    [CGOP-11925 - iOS]

  • Though the per-app Split Tunnel flag is checked only for TCP traffic, ICMP traffic is tunneled even in cases where the ICMP traffic must be sent directly.

    [CGOP-11614 - iOS]

Known issues

  • The Citrix Gateway plug-in for macOS does not support the feature that opens the landing page on the Citrix Workspace app.



What’s new

  • nFactor authentication support. nFactor authentication is now supported on both, iOS and macOS.


  • Citrix SSO app support. Citrix SSO app is now supported on iOS 13 and macOS Catalina.


Fixed issues

  • The client IP address is displayed backwards in the Connections page of the SSO app.


  • Citrix SSO does not honor the DNS truncated bit in the DNS flag in Citrix ADC release 13.0.


  • Per-app split tunnel is not compatible with Citrix ADC release 13.0.


  • Citrix SSO ignores some of the timeout messages from Citrix Gateway.


  • When users log in to the app for the first time, the last line of the app description does not appear on the user screen.

    [CGOP-11595 - macOS]

  • The Citrix SSO app logon window size keeps increasing when you repeatedly click the Logon button.

    [CGOP-11594 - macOS]

  • When the maximum number of licensed users limit is exceeded, an error message is displayed at the system level and not within the app window.

    [CGOP-11600 - macOS]


What’s new

  • Telemetry data collection for macOS. Citrix SSO collects custom analytics events related to VPN usage in the app.

    [CGOP-9789 - macOS]

  • Per-app split tunnel support. Administrators can configure per-app split tunnel. Per-app traffic that matches the intranet routes for Citrix Gateway is tunneled to the Citrix Gateway appliance.


  • FQDN Split Tunnel tunnels traffic based on the FQDN of the system. FQDN Split Tunnel tunnels traffic based on the FQDN of the system rather than the IP resolved by the DNS servers.


Fixed issues

  • User interface elements such as buttons, text fields, labels and so forth are misaligned across iPad screens.

    [CGOP-10141 - iOS]

  • Users are not notified for a remote login if they do not have a VPN profile added.

    [CGOP-9731 - iOS]


Fixed issues

  • Citrix SSO app does not display proper error message upon reaching the when the maximum number of users.


  • EULA check box is not cleared by default.


  • Add functionality is not supported for antiphishing “enabled” scan in EndPoint Analysis.


  • Automatic selection of client/device certificate for authentication does not happen even if only one client/device is present in the keychain.


  • Unable to add a ‘connection record’ after editing one in Citrix SSO app.