Windows plug-in release notes

The Citrix Windows plug-in is now released on a standalone basis and is compatible with all Citrix ADC versions. The Windows plug-in version follows the format YY.MM Release.Build.

The release notes describe the new features, enhancements to existing features, and fixed issues.

What’s new: The new features and enhancements available in the current release.

Fixed issues: The issues that are fixed in the current release.

For detailed information on the supported features, see Citrix Gateway Product Documentation. (04-Oct-2021)

Fixed issues

  • Sometimes, after disconnecting the VPN, the DNS resolver fails to resolve the host names, because the DNS suffixes are removed during VPN disconnection.


  • Sometimes, a user is logged out of Citrix Gateway within a few seconds when the client idle timeout is set.


  • The Windows plug-in might crash during authentication.


  • In Always On service mode, the VPN plug-in for Windows fails to establish the user tunnel automatically after the users log on to their Windows machines.


  • After the tunnel establishment, instead of adding DNS server routes with the previous gateway IP address, the Windows plug-in adds the routes with the default gateway address.


V21.7.1.1 (27-Aug-2021)

What’s new

  • New MAC address scan

    Support is added for newer MAC address scans.


  • EPA scan to check for Windows OS and its build version

    Added EPA scan to check for Windows OS and its build version.


  • EPA scan to check for a particular value’s existence

    A new method in the registry EPA scan now checks for a particular value’s existence.


Fixed issues

  • If there is a JavaScript error during login because of a network error, subsequent login attempts fail with the same JavaScript error.


  • The EPA scan fails for McAfee antivirus last update time check.


  • Sometimes, users lose internet access after a VPN tunnel is established.


  • A script error for the VPN plug-in might be displayed during nFactor authentication.


  • If there is a network disruption, UDP traffic flow that started before the network disruption does not drop for up to 5 minutes.


  • You might experience a delay in the starting of the VPN tunnel if the DNS registration takes a longer time than expected.


V21.3.1.2 (31-Mar-2021)

What’s new

  • Upgraded EPA libraries

    The EPA libraries are upgraded to support the latest version of the software applications used in EPA scans.


  • Citrix Gateway virtual adapter comaptibility

    The Citrix Gateway virtual adapter is now compatible with Hyper-V and Microsoft Wi-Fi direct virtual adapters (used with printers).


Fixed issues

  • The Windows VPN gateway plug-in blocks use of “CTRL + P” and “CTRL + O” over the VPN tunnel.


  • The Citrix Gateway plug-in for Windows responds only with an Intranet IP address registered in the Active Directory when a "nslookup" action is requested for the machine name.


  • The IIP registration and deregistration fails intermittently if the split DNS is set as “Local” or “Both.”


  • Auto logon to Windows VPN gateway plug-in fails if Always On is configured.


  • The Windows VPN gateway plug-in fails to drop IPv6 DNS packets resulting in issues with DNS resolution.


  • The Windows VPN gateway plug-in maintains the existing proxy exception list even if the list gets overflow because of the browser limit on the Internet Explorer proxy exception list.


  • The Windows VPN gateway plug-in fails to restore the proxy settings when the VPN client is logged off in Always On mode.


  • The VPN plug-in for Windows does not establish the tunnel after logging on to Windows, if the following conditions are met:

    • Citrix Gateway appliance is configured for the Always On feature.
    • The appliance is configured for certificate based authentication with two factor authentication “off.”


Windows plug-in release notes