Release Notes

The Citrix SSO release notes describe the new features, enhancements to existing features, fixed issues, and known issues available in a service release. The release notes includes one or more of the following sections:

What’s new: The new features and enhancements available in the current release.

Fixed issues: The issues that are fixed in the current release.

Known issues: The issues that exist in the current release and their workarounds, wherever applicable.


What’s new

  • AlwaysON support for Citrix SSO

    The AlwaysON feature of Citrix SSO ensures that users are always connected to the enterprise network. This persistent VPN connectivity is achieved by automatic establishment of a VPN tunnel.


  • Notification to re-login is displayed if Athena token expiry causes a logout

    A notification prompting the users to re-login to Citrix workspace is displayed if the following conditions are met.

    • AlwaysON feature is enabled in the Citrix workspace provisioned VPN profile
    • Athena authentication is used for SSO
    • User is signed out of Citrix workspace app because of Athena token expiry


  • Registration for Push notification service is done using Citrix Gateway

    You can now register for push notification service using the Citrix Gateway appliance. Earlier the registration was done on the client device.


Fixed issues

In some cases, Citrix SSO crashes when a new token is scanned. For example, Citrix SSO crashes when an existing token is deleted and another one is scanned with the same token name.



What’s new

  • Managed configurations are updated to include more user settings

    Managed configurations are updated to include “BlockUntrustedServers”, “DefaultProfileName”, and “DisableUserProfiles” settings for Android Enterprise environments.


  • Enhanced Push notification support

    Upon configuring Citrix Gateway for Push Notification with type “OTP”, PIN/fingerprint is not asked after user selects “Allow” in response to Push Notification requesting user’s consent for allowing the authentication to proceed.


  • Firebase Analytics support

    Support for basic Firebase Analytics is added to provide usage information about the Citrix SSO app. The enhancement is applicable to coarse geolocations, screen usage, different versions of Android in use and so on.


  • Support for Android Managed Configurations based VPN profile configuration

    Citrix SSO app can be configured in Android Enterprise environment using an EMM/UEM vendor like Citrix Endpoint Management. The Android Enterprise Managed Configurations wizard in CEM can be used to deploy managed VPN configurations to the Citrix SSO app. For information on how to configure Citrix SSO app using Managed Configurations, refer


What’s new

  • Push Notification support

    Citrix Gateway sends Push notification on your registered mobile device for a simplified two-factor authentication experience.


Fixed issues

  • Non-URL characters are allowed in server field under Add Connection screen.


Release Notes