Migrate the configuration of an existing Citrix ADC appliance to another Citrix ADC appliance

If you are migrating to a new appliance, you must make some changes to the configuration (ns.conf file) of the old appliance before you copy the configuration to the new appliance.

Note: The following procedure does not apply to Citrix ADC FIPS appliances.

Migrate a configuration

  1. On the old appliance, create a backup copy of the configuration file (ns.conf).
  2. Use a vi editor to edit the configuration file that you backed up. For example, you might want to change the user name, host name, and password. Note: You must remove all interface-related configuration, such as set interface, bind vlan, add channel, bind channel, and set channel.
  3. Shut down the old appliance.
  4. Perform initial configuration on the new appliance. Connect to the serial console, and at the command prompt type config ns to run the Citrix ADC configuration script. Enter parameter values, such as Citrix ADC IP address (NSIP) and subnet mask. For information about performing initial configuration by using the configuration utility (GUI) or the LCD keypad, see Initial Configuration.
  5. Restart the new appliance.
  6. Add a route on the new appliance. At the command prompt, type: add route <network> <netmask> <gateway>
  7. Copy the edited configuration file to the new appliance.
  8. Copy other relevant files, such as bookmarks, SSL certificates, and CRLs, to the new appliance. Return your feature license(s) to the Citrix licensing portal and reallocate it on the new appliance. For more info about returning your licenses, see http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX131110. Note: The platform license is different for a new appliance.
  9. Restart the new appliance.
  10. Add interface-related configuration specific to your new appliance, switch, and router, and save the configuration.

If you have a high-availability setup, you must perform the above procedure on both the nodes.

Migrate the configuration of an existing Citrix ADC appliance to another Citrix ADC appliance