Citrix ADC MPX

Lights out management port of the Citrix ADC MPX appliance

Some Citrix ADC appliances have an Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI), also known as the lights out management (LOM) port, on the front panel of the appliance. You can use the LOM port to remotely monitor and manage the appliance, independently of the Citrix ADC software.

Connect the LOM port to a dedicated channel that is separate from the data channel, to maintain connectivity to the appliance even if the data network is down. You eliminate the data cable and data network as a single point of failure.

You can access the LOM port through a browser and use the GUI (GUI) for most tasks. All tasks can be performed through the Citrix ADC shell.

You can use either the GUI or a shell for the following tasks:

  • Configuring the network settings
  • Health monitoring
  • Power control operations
  • Factory reset
  • Enable or disable RAKP

Different Citrix appliances support different shells:

  • For FreeBSD based Citrix ADC MPX appliances, use the bash nsroot shell (also known as NS Shell).
  • For Linux based appliances, use the Linux bash root shell.


The terms LOM and Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) are used interchangeably.

LOM support matrix

The LOM support matrix shows the recommended LOM firmware version for different platforms.

Platform Recommended Version
MPX 5900 4.61
MPX 8015 3.21
MPX 8900 4.61
MPX 9100 2.12.00
MPX 11500 3.39
MPX 11500 NEBS 3.39
MPX 11515 3.39
MPX 14000 4.14
MPX 14000-40S 4.14
MPX 14000 FIPS 4.14
MPX 14000-40G 4.14
MPX 15000 5.03
MPX 15000-50G 5.03
MPX 16000 2.12.12
MPX 17500 3.39
MPX 17550 3.39
MPX 22000 3.24
MPX 24000 4.08
MPX 25000A 4.14
MPX 25000TA 4.14
MPX 25000-40G 4.14
MPX 26000 5.03
MPX 26000-50S 5.03
MPX 26000-100G 5.03
Lights out management port of the Citrix ADC MPX appliance