Citrix ADC MPX

Upgrade the LOM firmware on a Citrix ADC MPX appliance

Citrix has automated the upgrade of LOM firmware within Citrix ADC MPX software. It is no longer necessary to know your hardware platform or download any LOM firmware.


This procedure requires two reboots to complete and therefore a disruption in production traffic is expected. Citrix recommends that you perform the upgrade during a maintenance window. In a high availability setup, perform the upgrade on the secondary node to minimize disruption to production traffic. The script is supported on the following platforms:

  • MPX 5900
  • MPX 8005
  • MPX 8900
  • MPX 11500
  • MPX 11515
  • MPX 14000
  • MPX 15000
  • MPX 22000
  • MPX 25000
  • MPX 26000

For information about upgrading the Citrix ADC appliance, see Upgrade and downgrade a Citrix ADC appliance


If you cannot log into the LOM GUI on the MPX 5900, MPX 8900, MPX 15000, or MPX 26000, reset the LOM password by typing shell in the command prompt and then ipmitool user set password 2 <your preferred password> after upgrade to 5.56 or 4.61.


  • Console redirection fails after upgrading the LOM to 4.61 on the MPX 5900 and MPX 8900 platforms or 5.56 on the MPX 15000 and MPX 26000 platforms.

    Console redirection failure

    Perform a unit reset from the Maintenance tab, which resets the BMC.

    Reset the BMC

Upgrade the LOM firmware on a Citrix ADC MPX appliance